The message “All licenses are in use”

The message “All licenses are in use”

When connecting to a project on BIMcollab Cloud, BIMcollab ZOOM automatically checks if a license is available for the user. 

If a message 'All licenses are in use' appears on the screen, it means that there are no more licenses available in your license pool, and you need to wait for other users in the same license pool to complete their work and release the license.

If this happens too frequently, contact your BIMcollab cloud administrator to check if there are too many users in the same license pool and if additional licenses are necessary for your team. 

In case the free version of BIMcollab ZOOM is enough for your work and you don't need the paid features which require a ZOOM license, you can also ask the cloud space administrator to remove you from the ZOOM license pool. This will help to avoid the message 'All licenses are in use'. 

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