Supported Mac trackpad gestures

Supported Mac trackpad gestures

The Mac version of BIMcollab ZOOM supports the following gestures for smooth navigation in orbit-mode:
  • Pinch for zoom in and zoom out
  • Two-finger rotate to orbit the model around the mouse position
  • Shift + two-finger rotate to orbit the model vertically
  • Two-finger panning or zooming depending on the settings.
    Go to BIMcollab ZOOM > Preferences > Navigation
    • When the option 'Zoom first on touchpad-scroll' is activated, you will zoom when using a two-finger scroll. Hold Shift to pan while using a two-finger scroll.
    • When the option is not activated, you will pan when using a two-finger scroll. Hold Shift to zoom.
This setting also works for the Magic Mouse so that it is easier to zoom. The behavior of the scroll wheel on other mice will not be affected by this setting.

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