Solibri BCF Live Connector tips and troubleshooting

Solibri BCF Live Connector tips and troubleshooting

Save the Solibri project after issues from presentations or checking results are imported into the BCF Live Connector and synchronized with BIMcollab. Only when the project is saved will the link be present again when the project is reopened and the live issues are loaded from BIMcollab.

Changes are sent (too) fast to BIMcollab

Changes to live issues are sent every 5-10 seconds when automatic synchronization is enabled. This also happens when an issue is still being edited, causing incomplete or possibly incorrect information to be (temporarily) sent to BIMcollab. Disable automatic synchronization and manually mark issues as "Mark as Ready" to prevent premature synchronization.

File > Settings > BCF Live Connector > Use automatic synchronisation

When synchronizing, issues are retrieved (import) but not sent (export)

Ensure that the URL starts with https:// 
The use of http:// (without s) does not meet the security requirements of BIMcollab so issues cannot be sent.

No projects available for BIMcollab

  1. Ensure that the URL starts with https:// and ends with .com
  2. Ensure that the option for 'Use Proxy Server' is off if not used.

    File > settings > Proxy server settings

  3. If the above options do not fix the problem, assign admin rights in the Solibri Solution Center to the user for whom this is not working properly
    1. As an administrator, go to the user tab in the admin view of the Solibri Solution Center, select the user and assign the admin role (details admin view)
    2. Restart Solibri as a user so that the correct permissions are retrieved
    3. Make the connection
    4. If necessary, the rights in the Solibri Solution Center can then be reset to the original rights: once the connection is made, it generally continues to work

A viewpoint can no longer be changed

Once an issue is synchronized, the created viewpoint or snapshot can no longer be changed. A viewpoint is seen as a snapshot and the principle is that a new viewpoint is created if the situation changes. In this way the history and progress of an issue is guaranteed.
Nevertheless, it can happen that an incorrect or incomplete viewpoint is synchronized. This can be prevented by
  1. Disabling automatic synchronization.
    This allows a new viewpoint to be modified before it is synchronized.
    File > Settings > BCF Live Connector > Use automatic synchronization

  2. Do not assign a viewpoint when creating a new live issue.
    This is relevant when first creating a new issue in the BCF Live view and only then adding the corresponding viewpoint.
    File > Settings > BCF Live Connector > Add viewpoint upon new issue creation

  3. First create issues in a presentation and then import them into the BCF Live Connector.
    Issues in a presentation are not synchronized with BIMcollab and therefore the viewpoints can be changed.
    Preferably do not edit issues in the presentation after import in the BCF Live Connector.
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