Smart view set for checking of NAA.K.T. materials naming

Smart view set for checking of NAA.K.T. materials naming

The NAA.K.T. material naming is a Dutch coding sytem to have unambiguous values in a BIM project, and to facilitate collaboration.

We developed a Smart view set with which you can easily check the material names of an IFC model.  Open an IFC model in BIMcollab ZOOM, import the Smart view set, and see immediately if the material names are correct according to the NAA.K.T. coding.
Visit  the BIM Loket website for a more extensive explanation of the NAA.K.T. material naming.

Import the smart views

  1. Download the smart view set.
  2. Go to the 'Smart views' tab in BIMcollab ZOOM.
  3. Click ‘Import’ to add the smart view set

The smart view sets look as follows:

Making use of the smart views

The sets are divided in 4 groups:
  1. 01 Eerste controle - First check:
    1. Smart view 1: instantly shows which elements have a correct material designation
    2. Smart view 2: shows which elements do not have a correct material designation

  2. 02 Vervolg controle - Follow-up check
    These smart views provide insight into what is incorrect in the name, such as missing underscores, or spaces in the name.

  3. 03 NAA.K.T. hoofdgroepen - NAA.K.T. main groups
    This allows to quickly display a group of elements with the same main group. A smart view is available for each main group (concrete, glass, bitumen, etc.).

  4. 04 Hoofdgroepen en kenmerken - Main groups and attributes
    With this you can quickly display a group of elements with the same properties for 'main group+attribute'. It allows you to zoom in even further on the main group.
These BIMcollab ZOOM Smart views were created based on NAA.K.T's standard Excel list: “NAA_K_T_Bouwmateriaallijst_Beta_210415.xlsm”
If custom names have been added to this list, they must be added to the smart view set. The changes are important for Group 1 and Group 4 in particular.


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