Create Smart Properties

Create Smart Properties

Smart Properties in BIMcollab ZOOM are user-defined properties, based on existing object attributes. They help you to reorganize and structure BIM data.

When working with IFC files delivered by multiple authors, it is inevitable that they contain different terminology. This can dramatically limit the flow of information and hinder model validation.
In a BIM project, these are some things that can contribute to this:
  1. Different models contain different languages, abbreviations or typos, resulting in multiple ways of writing the same value.
  2. Values can be found in different properties for different elements. For example, for one element, 'Volume' is defined in base quantities, while for another element it is under dimensions.
To address these limitations, Smart Properties help you to structure and reorganize the BIM data in your models. 
  1. Enrich the models by creating your own properties, based on existing object attributes.
  2. Adjust values present in the model to chosen, unambiguous values.
  3. There is no need to constantly ask authors to create new models with correct values.
  4. Smart Properties can be used in Smart views, Clash rules and Lists, just like regular properties. The Smart Properties are managed centrally, so it is not necessary to set up this information in multiple locations.
  5. Smart properties are dynamic: when the models change, the properties change along with them and are automatically applied to new and changes components in the loaded models.
All of this results in a predictable outcome for consistent model validation.
To be able to create and use Smart Properties in BIMcollab ZOOM, you need an active ZOOM license.

Do you prefer more hands-on learning? Go to our BIMcollab Academy and enroll in the BIMcollab ZOOM Smart properties course

Creating a new Smart Property

  1. Start BIMcollab ZOOM with an active license.
  2. Open the models for which you want to create Smart Properties.
  3. Go to Validate > Smart Properties to open the Smart Properties panel.
  4. Click on 'Local' and select a Smart Property set in which you want to create the new property.
    If necessary, you can create a new Smart Property set by clicking the [+] button, or by right clicking on 'Local', and choosing 'Add Smart Property set'. Give the set a clear and unique name so it is easy to recognize as part of the Smart Properties. It will appear as a property set in other locations within BIMcollab ZOOM, like Smart views, Lists and the property panel of a selected element.
    The new set will be automatically selected once created.

  5. Click the [+] button again to create a new Smart Property in the selected set.

  6. Give the Smart Property a clear name. 
  7. Define a set of rules to determine which properties or values will be added to the new property. Add rules by clicking on the  button, delete existing rules with the  button, or duplicate existing rules by clicking on the  button.
    Each rule consists of:
    1. An element type
    2. A Property, Operator and Value to further filter out elements with a specific property value
    3. An action which defines whether the selected property will be mapped to the new property, or whether a new value should be set for the selected elements.
      For more information on the difference between 'Map value' and 'Set value', consult the article The different types of actions for Smart Properties.
    4. The output to determine the result
      It is possible to import a Smart Property script as a CSV file. Find more information about this workflow in the article Edit Smart Properties as CSV files.
  8. Provide the Smart Property with a clear description so its purpose is easily identifiable.
  9. Click 'Save'.

Once the Smart Property has been created, you can find the property set in the property panel of all components for which the property is valid. For every Smart Property set, a new tab will be added, and the Smart Properties of the set will be located in the property grid of the tab.

For more information about where the Smart Properties can be used, consult the article Where can Smart Properties be used?

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