(De)select multiple components in 3D

(De)select multiple components in 3D

Freely select multiple components in BIMcollab Zoom by using the selection tool. Selected components can be also deselected and the function can be applied to multiple workflows.


To freely select volumes in BIMcollab Zoom, hold CTRL/CMD+'click-and-drag' a rectangle over the components.
Pressing CTRL/CMD will change the regular cursor to a selection rectangle.


To deselect some of the components, hold CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+'click-and-drag' a rectangle over the components.

When dragging from left to right the selection rectangle includes the components that are fully within its boundaries, also the components in the background.
When dragging from right to left the selection rectangle includes all the components that are fully or partially within its boundaries.
Deselect a single component with CTRL/CMD+click.
The properties panel will display information about the components that was selected first.

Use cases

  1. Use the selection while creating issues.
    Select desired components and create an issue with selected components in the viewpoint. When clicking on the issue only the components from the selection will be displayed.

  1. Right click in the 3D window for several actions in BIMcollab Zoom.
    1. Alter the visibility of the selected components with the options
      1. 'Show / hide component'
      2. 'Set transparent / opaque'
      3. 'Set color'
    2. Isolate a specific area of the model with 'create section box' around the selected components
    3. View only the selected components with 'Set selection as My view'

  1. Focus the windows on the selected components in a large model using 'Zoom to selection'

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