Roles within the BIMcollab environment

Roles within the BIMcollab environment

Roles define user rights that (dis)allow team members to perform actions on the space. 
There are two different roles on space level:
  1. Administrator: can manage users and projects as well as the subscription information
  2. Users: by default do not have any administrative rights
The administrator can provide specific users with some extra rights:
  1. A user can be allowed to create new projects within the space
  2. A user can be allowed to create and activate users within the space
When a user is assigned to one or more projects, they will become a team member.

At project level a team member can have a role with specific rights for that project:
  1. Project leader: can add team members, edit project settings, add/edit issues and create reports
  2. Editor: can add/edit issues and create reports
  3. Reviewer: can view and approve issues as well as place comments and create reports
  4. Viewer: can only view issues
Team members with the role Project leader, Editor or Reviewer can be set to be assignable. When 'Assignable' is enabled, issues can be assigned to the team member. When you switch off 'Assignable', the team member can still access the project and edit issues (unless the team member is a viewer).

Project Leaders and Editors can be set to be allowed to import BCF files. To activate or deactivate this option, click on a team members name to edit the Team member settings.

When you remove a team member from the project, he/she can no longer access the project.

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