Release history BIMcollab Twin- Archive

Release history BIMcollab Twin- Archive

This article contains the release notes of BIMcollab Twin for 2021 and 2020.

BIMcollab Twin | 01-12-2021

Build number 3.5.8


  1. Notifications can now be sent from documents that have already been posted. Previously this was only possible during uploading, but now this is also possible afterwards.
  2. PDFs can be generated from the DWG viewer with a selection of the layers. So you can choose which layers you want to print and whether you want to print in color or black and white.
  3. The DWG viewer now has the option to also view the DWG in black and white and not only when printing.
  4. When linking a company to an object, it is possible to add a new company via the same form. It is therefore no longer necessary to go all the way to the Account Settings.
  5. Companies linked to objects are visible in the list of Companies within a Project Phase. This gives you an even better overview of the companies involved in a project.
  6. Floors in the Spatial Structure are first sorted by height and then by name. This means that cellars always appear below the ground floor instead of above the roof.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: Which viewers users had open was not remembered and reused when a browser was closed and reopened. Now you always get the screen back as you closed it last time.
  2. Fixed: In floor plans, a shaft in a house was sometimes colored instead of the house and the shaft was empty.
  3. Fixed: In addition to the list of Projects in the Account Settings, the filter on Account did not affect the overview.

BIMcollab Twin | 02-11-2021

Build number 3.5.7


  1. PDFs can be generated in black from the DWG viewer. Colors and shades of gray are not always clear in a print on paper, which is why there is now the option to print all lines and texts in black.
  2. QR codes that were placed on documents with stamps could sometimes be difficult to read and not work if there was text behind the code. That is why we have placed a white area behind the QR code so that it can always be scanned easily.
  3. When setting stamps, you can now choose whether the name of the user who places the stamp should be included in the stamp or not.
  4. In the project structure (the menu with buildings and floors) it has become possible to select a building without the underlying floors. This makes, for example, documents that have been added to the building but not to a floor easier to find.
  5. The syntax behind the change number sort order has been adjusted. Change number AA can be added after number Z.
  6. Notifications sent within a project (phase) can now be found in the Communication module. This provides a clear overview of which notifications have been sent. Users see all notifications that they have sent themselves or that have been sent to them.
  7. A list has been added at the bottom of the notifications with the names of all people who have received the same notification. This way you can quickly see whether colleagues have received the same email.
  8. Source files, such as DWG, RVT and IFC, get their original file names back when downloaded from BIMcollab Twin. This means that a version number is not added to the file name, as is the case with other files. This sometimes caused problems when users wanted to open the files with linked files because they used the original name that no longer existed.
  9. The code for Disciplines, which was limited to three characters, can be made to any desired length. We recommend keeping the code as short as possible because it is used in the serial number in numbering, such as Questions and Action Points, and numbers can otherwise become very long.
  10. When using an upload list to place documents in BIMcollab Twin, the document type per document can be indicated in a separate column. Handy for when you want to place drawings and documents at the same time, for example.
  11. The layout of the action buttons on the detail page of an Action Item has been improved. This makes the buttons more noticeable and makes it clearer what they do.
  12. The buttons surrounding advanced filtering have been slightly adjusted and clarified with texts. This makes it clearer what you can do and how many filters have been applied to the current list.
  13. The project menu at the top of the pages has become less sensitive when moving over it with the mouse. This changed very quickly, which sometimes made it difficult to choose the right project or project phase.
  14. Workflows has a built-in check that checks whether a regular expression is valid if it has been added as a condition. This gives users immediate feedback about the entered formula.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: Spaces in the 2D viewer could sometimes have very strange diagonal lines. By carefully examining the geometric data and the script that draws the lines, we managed to remove these errors from the plans.
  2. Fixed: An account's language preference setting was not used to translate the interface for users. Until now, the language of the user's browser was taken into account and not the account setting. That has been corrected. So if the language of the account is Dutch, the users of that account will now see an interface with Dutch text.
  3. Fixed: Changing the color of a stamp was not possible. With a minor correction, the stamp can now be added to a PDF in any desired color.
  4. Fixed: Sometimes dwg files could not be opened in the online viewer. After some research, it turned out that those files were structured slightly differently than other files, so we could not read them. Now that we have also taught the viewer to open these files, all files can be viewed online again in BIMcollab Twin.
  5. Fixed: Creating Object Groups based on parameter values was limited to a maximum of 200 items. That limit has been removed and a check has been built in to see whether the name of an Object Group already exists to prevent duplications.
  6. Fixed: The option to remain logged in for 14 days with two-step verification was not remembered. The cookie that was supposed to store this on the local computer could not handle the subdomains that BIMcollab Twin uses. This has now been adjusted so that users only have to verify themselves once every fourteen days.
  7. Fixed: There was an issue linking the Relatics API to the BIMcollab Twin API. By adjusting the token that is sent, the link between the two packages works as desired again.
  8. Fixed: Data from selected objects in the Rooms and Areas module was not retrieved or shown in the sidebar on the right.
  9. Fixed: Rounding numbers (areas) in floor plans in the 2D viewer did not work properly.
  10. Fixed: In advanced search, company names that start with lowercase letters were placed under names that start with capital letters when sorting.
  11. Fixed: When downloading documents including their attachments, subfolders in the name were also given the file extension. Some unzipping programs could not handle this, so the extension has been removed from the folder name and only the document number with the version remains.
  12. Fixed: If a floor was added to a project phase with a name that already existed, a 500 error was displayed. By adding a check that checks whether the floor name already exists, we can catch this 500 error and users will be informed via a message that the name cannot be added again.
  13. Fixed: The overview of linked communications for a document was not grouped correctly by document version.

BIMcollab Twin | 25-06-2021

Build number 3.5.6


  1. BIMcollab issues can be viewed in the Communication module. Creating and handling the issues is currently still done at BIMcollab itself, but that will change soon!
  2. The background color of the screen can be adjusted in the DWG viewer. Useful if, for example, white or yellow lines are used in the drawing. Against a white background they disappeared, but if you set the color to gray or black they still become readable.
  3. A printout of the Modelspace can be made from the DWG viewer. This way you can quickly make a PDF printout of the entire file.
  4. There was already an option for users to enable two-factor authorization themselves, but this was always optional. It is now possible to make two-factor authentication mandatory within an Account. This ensures that your construction data is better protected. 
  5. When downloading Documents you can choose to add an upload list to the zip file. You can then use this as a basis to re-upload the (adjusted) files.
  6. Style schemes can be deleted. Useful if the list becomes very long and there are schedules that you no longer use.
  7. The list of Text Rules within a Style Scheme now shows all properties of the Text Rule.
  8. Locations within Account Settings now show which Location groups are linked to the Location.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: Loading various pages and data became slower as projects grew larger. That's why we did a whole round of acceleration and loading times have sometimes become 100x shorter.
  2. Fixed: In some cases, surfaces in the Space Book and Space States were not displayed correctly. This was traced to a setting when creating IFC files. The application expected to get a number for the Area parameter, but did not always get it. We solved this by looking at the parameter value on import and if it looks like a number, making it a number.
  3. Fixed: Addresses without accommodation object were not shown on the map. By looking up the geoposition of the address, we can now also put these addresses on the map.
  4. Fixed: If a Building or Floor was added to an existing Project Phase, it did not always end up in the correct place in the spatial structure. This has been resolved and now there is always a correct structure in the menus.

BIMcollab Twin | 14-05-2021

Build number 3.5.5


  1. A page has been added with a table containing information suitable for exporting to Vastware. All required and relevant data can be exported here via Excel, which can then be imported into Vastware.
  2. The list of rooms has been moved to the Room Book module. In the Space Book we really want to make all information about the spaces available.
  3. New automatically generated numbers for communication now also include the Location code. In this way, the numbers within the entire account have become unique and there can therefore no longer be any misunderstanding as to which question is referred to, for example.
  4. When creating and editing ViewTemplates, options have now been added to the drop-down lists to select all options at once.
  5. The background colors in the Space States have been adjusted to make the different levels clearer.
  6. The project menu on the left side of the screen now automatically jumps to the active project. This saves a lot of scrolling, especially if the project list is very long.
  7. Attachment downloads are now saved in the communication item's Action History.
  8. In the list of Object Types you can now directly add all Objects of that type to an Object Group.
  9. Fill transparency entered in a Style Scheme is now also applied to the 3D model. As a result, Objects that adhere to the Style Rule can now be made semi-transparent to provide better insight into the model.
  10. It was not always immediately clear when a document was stamped in the Realization module. To clarify this, the stamp action is now also saved in the Action History of that document. This way you can find out who stamped the document and when.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: Room states with a lot of rooms were very slow to load. This has now become fast thanks to a different way of retrieving the data.
  2. Fixed: In SVG maps, the numbers of the Area parameter were not displayed correctly. Quite difficult if you wanted to know the surface area of a room. Thanks to a correction, the number is now neatly arranged in the space.
  3. Fixed: A Building could not be added to a Plot if the Building was assigned an address. This was very inconvenient so we fixed it.
  4. Fixed: If a user in two different Projects had two different Roles within one Account, the rights of both Projects were combined and a user could therefore see 'too much'.
  5. Fixed: The Rights to Work Packages were not applied in the Realization module. This allowed users to always see all Work Packages in this module.
  6. Fixed: If you selected a ViewTemplate for the 3D model, the correct Style Scheme was not always activated. So the ViewTemplate was only partially loaded.
  7. Fixed: In the Documents list you can select multiple Documents and delete them all at once. This worked well in itself, but then the page was reloaded and you received an error message. Firstly, this was of course wrong and secondly, it was not immediately clear whether the Documents had been thrown away or not. Now, after the Documents have been deleted, you return to the page you were on and the list has become a bit shorter.
  8. Fixed: When opening the Surface States page, you would receive an error message if no surface status had been set yet. Instead, you will now receive a normal BIMlink page with the message that no surface condition exists yet.

BIMcollab Twin | 18-03-2021

Build number 3.5.4


  1. All communications within a Location Group can now be shown via counters on the Location Group Dashboard. Communication numbers, which you can use to find questions and action points, have become longer to ensure that they are unique within all groups.
  2. In the SVG maps, texts in small spaces are now rotated 90 degrees if the space is longer than it is wide. This way, the texts stay better within their 'box' and remain easier to read.
  3. The line height in SVG maps has been increased slightly to increase the readability of the text.
  4. The date of approval is now also shown in the Realization list.
  5. The DWG viewer now shows Xrefs from multiple layers deep. This does not continue indefinitely, but it does show much more complete drawings than before.
  6. The overview that users see after uploading files now also clearly shows if no Workflows have been started. This provides immediate insight into the next steps that may or may not have been started.
  7. When Workflows are disabled, this action is saved in the Action History. This means you can always see who took this action at what time.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: When creating a Style Scheme for rooms, names of other categories were also shown when retrieving unique names. This has been resolved and only room names are now retrieved.
  2.  Fixed: The rendering on PDF printouts of the SVG plans did not always appear nicely on the page when multiple parameters were used in the applied Style Scheme. An improvement in the layout has been added, so that the window now remains neatly above the bottom corner.
  3. Fixed: In the Protocol, the text of the explanation sometimes ran outside the browser screen. The width of the page is now better respected, so the text indents at the right time and stays within the designated space.
  4. Fixed: If you want to go to a Document in the 3D viewer by clicking on a document number, it opens in a new tab instead of in a modal. This allows us to display all the information of the document instead of some kind of summary.
  5. Fixed: Filters on the Spatial structure of the 3D viewer are not reused in Documents and Communication. User experiences showed that users would like to be able to view a floor, but did not want to immediately apply the same selection within Documents.
  6. Fixed: In the Excel export of Documents, the direct link to the document in BIMlink was not filled in correctly. This has been adjusted, so you can go directly from Excel to the document details in BIMlink.

BIMcollab Twin | 26-02-2021

Build number 3.5.3
Previously, it was not possible to just start subprojects everywhere. This was due to the way we organized the data. Because our users wanted to use subprojects more broadly, we have now adjusted the data structure in such a way that subprojects can actually be started at any desired location in the spatial structure. Even more flexibility to organize your (sub)projects according to your own wishes.


  1. Object types are displayed in a separate list for 3D objects. Until now, the list was always at the bottom of the viewers, but that was a bit too limited in how clear it was on screen and was not always clear.
  2. If you use Location Groups you can display all buildings within all locations on a map to give you a better idea of where your property is located.
  3. With Aspect models you can save a coordinate system and coordinates. This can now be used to position aspect models correctly relative to each other and later also to project your model onto a (3D) map.
  4. The filter on objects that you could use to filter on codes is now called Classification Code. You can now choose which parameter you want to use for this. Perhaps you are not using the AssemblyCode parameter, but the OmniClass parameter. Or your own added parameter. Now that doesn't matter anymore and you can use any code to filter your objects.
  5. In SVG maps, the texts will have a unit when you use 'Length', 'Area' or 'Volume' to display them. These have become 'mm1', 'm2' and 'm3' respectively.
  6. The 3D viewer now automatically loads the KYP style scheme when you access the KYP information in the right sidebar.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: Long KYP task descriptions no longer extend from the screen, but are aborted and continue to the next line.
  2. Fixed: Work packages are shown again when you are in a Project phase.
  3. Fixed: SVG maps were sometimes not loading next to the 3D viewer. That problem has been resolved.

BIMcollab Twin| 30-01-2021

Build number 3.5.2
This update contains new links: one with BriefBuilder, more information can now be retrieved from the BAG and we can retrieve the energy label of residential objects. As a result, more information is linked to the data in BIMlink and building files have become even more transparent.


  1. API connection with BriefBuilder. Requirements set for rooms in BriefBuilder can now be displayed in the 3D viewer for the relevant rooms.
  2. API link with Kadaster for more BAG information. Based on an address or a BAG ID, information about the Residential Objects and Buildings can be retrieved from the Land Registry and viewed.
  3. API link for Energy Label. If a residential property has an address, the information regarding the energy label can be viewed there. So what label it is, what its status is and until when it may be valid.
  4. The API connection with KYP has been improved and presented differently so that it is clearer and simpler.
  5. Document sets can also be created and used at the project level. Previously this was only within Project Phases.
  6. The list of Aspect Models next to the 3D viewer now only displays Aspect Models that actually contain 3D information. Aspect models that have not yet been uploaded are therefore omitted.
  7. If you have clicked “Save” or “Delete” at the bottom of a form, the text will adjust so that it is immediately clear that your request has been sent to the server. Sometimes the page takes a while to load, but at least now you know that the server is busy for you.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: Exporting the list of Realization documents to Excel gave an error and did not download anything. This has now been resolved so that lists can also be imported into Excel for further processing.
  2. Fixed: Coloring and decolorizing objects in the 3D viewer based on the selected Style Scheme did not always work 100% correctly. But by going through it again with the dust comb, everything now gets the right color.
  3. Fixed: Copying Workflows failed if the Workflow was already active. Now all Workflows can be copied whether they are active or not.
  4. Fixed: ViewTemplates could not be deleted.
  5. Fixed: The 3D viewer incorrectly stated that no Documents had been loaded for an object, while Documents were clearly shown underneath.

BIMcollab Twin | 16-12-2020

Build number 3.5.1


  1. Communication items (Questions, Action Items and Notes) can be labeled with the same labels as Documents. This allows you to easily filter and find what you are looking for faster.
  2. Labels that are no longer used can be removed from the account.
  3. Rooms can now be combined in Object Groups into one home. This can be used in the meter statements to create clearer overviews and Documents can also be linked to the Object Group. So documents that belong to an entire home can now also be stored in the right place.
  4. When pressing buttons at the bottom of forms, users will see “Saving” as text in the button. This way you can be sure that your order has been sent and that you do not have to click a second time.
  5. Images saved under Documents can be viewed directly in the browser and do not need to be downloaded first.
  6. Some improvements have been made to the API connection with Relatics.
  7. Materials, Assembly codes and Aspect models can also be set within Style Schemes.
  8. Style diagrams and ViewTemplates can be linked to project phases so that they can only be used within that project phase.
  9. BIMlink can place messages on the login page to announce maintenance and show news items.
  10. The error page (404) has been given clearer text so that if you land on it, you get more information about what could have gone wrong.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: Adding new versions of documents via the details page of a document gave an error message under Confidential documents. The correct action was not taken because the document was classified as confidential. That problem has now been solved.
  2. Fixed: Adjusting details of Buildings, Building Parts and Floors sometimes produced an error.
  3. Fixed: In the DWG viewer, the AutoCAD layers could no longer be turned on and off. Due to an error in the filters, choices were ignored, but not anymore!
  4. Fixed: In the Documents module, sorting by modification date did not work correctly. This was because first the day, then the month and then the year were looked at. Of course this had to be: first year, then month, then day.
  5. Fixed: When printing SVG plans to PDF, some minor formatting things went wrong. These have been corrected.
  6. Fixed: Copying a Project Phase in Account Settings did not transfer all necessary data to the new phase. We have now supplemented that data and the new Project Phase is therefore working as you would expect.
  7. Fixed: The link for Users to their company was incorrect. This has been adjusted and the link now points to the correct company again.
  8. Fixed: Within a Document Set, not all icons associated with file types that we do have were displayed. For example, IFC got a general icon while we also have the IFC logo. This has now been adjusted so that it is easier to understand which types of files are in a Document Set.

BIMcollab Twin | 20-10-2020

Build number 3.5
This release contains two new features. For example, maps can be printed on paper or PDF. It is also possible to format the page a little bit. Images, such as logos, can be added. Texts such as a disclaimer or explanation and a legend of the style schemes used can also be printed on the page. As icing on the cake, objects can also be annotated with properties of the object. Consider, for example, the type number, the name or the surface area. This can suddenly make floor plans much more insightful and informative.

Another new addition is the ability to create space and surface states from imported models. You can determine for each state which parameter should be used to complete the table. So whether that is 'NL_ruimtefunction' or 'BVO' or 'building number', whatever you think of it, you can generate a list of it. It is also possible to create space and surface states across multiple projects, buildings and locations. You will then see the total per part and a total over everything. Interesting if you want to be able to see all GFAs of all buildings together across multiple locations. If the data does not give you enough insight, you can also download the state to Excel and do further calculations.


  1. Floor plans can be printed with a style chart. The page can also be created with logos, images, texts and a legend.
  2. Annotations can be added to floor plans, such as serial number, name of a tenant and NlSfb code.
  3. The objects in the maps now fully cooperate with the filters. Objects can now be plotted based on Aspect model, Spatial structure, Category, Object type, Assembly code and Material.
  4. In the Spaces & areas module it is possible to create space and surface states entirely according to your wishes and download them to Excel.
  5. All buttons in the navigation can now be turned on or off via permissions. So, for example, if you want users in a certain role not to be able to see data from other users or not to look at the protocol, you can set this up via the permissions role.
  6. Madaster has released a new version of their API. We have adjusted our API so that it can exchange information with the new version of Madaster.
  7. When adding one drawing to a Document Set it is now possible to select a different version than the last.
  8. The overview of all Aspect models within a project phase can be exported to Excel, but that function was still missing.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: When creating companies, the address was no longer automatically looked up based on zip code and house number. Now that it works again, it saves a lot of typing when entering data.
  2. Fixed: Audit tasks associated with a document that was given a new document version were not assigned the correct new status of 'Not Reviewed'. As a result, audit tasks were wrongly left open, but this is no longer the case.
  3. Fixed: An error had crept into the online DWG viewer. This caused the dwg to not load. After a small adjustment this works again and dwg files can be viewed in the browser.
  4. Fixed: New action points could not be saved. This turned out to be because the automatic sending of notifications was not handled correctly. Now that this has been resolved, a new action item can be saved and users can immediately receive a notification about this.
  5. Fixed: There was a link piece that had to take you from a Document Set to a Communication Item.

BIMcollab Twin | 06-10-2020

Build number 3.4.4
Small update with a major new feature: Users can now choose whether they want to receive an email notification when new Communications or Documents have been placed within an account. As a result, users are informed more quickly about new developments within a project and they no longer necessarily have to log in to see whether new data is available.


  1. Users can choose to receive email notifications when new Communications or Documents are posted within an account.
  2. All input added via forms or otherwise will have loose spaces at the beginning and end removed. This sort of “cleans” the information and keeps it neater without users having to do anything.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: When changing document details, relationships created with other documents were incorrectly deleted. Now the relationships remain intact again and only the changed data is saved.

BIMcollab Twin| 10-09-2020

Build number 3.4.3


  1. Some pages, such as the Notes and Workflows lists, have seen a drastic improvement in loading speed.
  2. If you create an Excel export that contains documents, all three descriptions are included. As a result, a clearer distinction can now be made between documents with, for example, document numbers that are very similar.
  3. Adding new companies provides a number of suggestions based on the name entered. This way, a company that is already known to BIMlink does not have to be entered again, but can be directly linked to the account.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: Filtering by Producer no longer worked in the Realization module. That has been fixed.
  2. Fixed: In Control tasks the responsible person was shown twice, now only once.
  3. Fixed: In the upload screen, the Spatial structure was not displayed correctly when Building Parts were used. Floors were then not visible. This has been resolved with a small fix.
  4. Fixed: The missing button to edit Labels is back on the details page.
  5. Fixed: A selected radio button in the filters was not displayed correctly, so it was not clear whether a filter was selected or not.
  6. Fixed: Viewing PDF files in the browser did not work well everywhere. This was because the reference to the file was not always created correctly.

BIMcollab Twin| 26-08-2020

Build number 3.4.2
The focus of this update has been on linking documents and communications to objects and expanding the capabilities of the API. Of course, some smaller improvements and bug fixes have also been added.


  1. Adding Documents (sets) and Communication to objects has been simplified. Previously you were sent to a new page to add these things, but now after selecting an object you stay on the same page. This means that the model does not have to be reloaded after you save, so it takes less time in total.
  2. In the Materials module you can now also add Documentation and Communication to the materials of an object.
  3. Different Objects can now be grouped together in Object Groups. For example, you can create an Object Group of all parts of an air treatment installation and add Documents and Communication to it.
  4. The API has been expanded and can now be linked to Madaster and KYP.
  5. The QR code check that checks whether a document is the latest version provides additional information if the document has been archived. This makes it immediately clear whether the document is still up to date.
  6. Accompanying texts with images can now be added to all parts of the Protocol. For example, an explanation can be given of the agreements made or the way in which the information model is set up.
  7. Aspect models can be turned on and off in the 3D viewer. Objects can also be shown and hidden based on their Material or Assembly Code.
  8. In the lists with filters (in the left gray bar), a function has been added that allows you to search by name in the relevant list. This allows you to quickly select, for example, all floors with “ground” or materials with “wood” in the name.
  9. With Style Rules, rules can also be created based on empty values. This allows objects to be given a color that have not been given a value for a parameter value. This can be used to quickly check whether certain mandatory values ​​have been entered or not.
  10. The rights that Teams have to Project Phases can now be adjusted more clearly than before. All Project Phases are now in a searchable list so you no longer have to scroll endlessly across the page if you have a long list.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: If an object had no geometry it caused a crash when creating the 2D floor plan. This problem has now been resolved so that the map is always neatly displayed on the screen.
  2. Fixed: The link to the page to adjust Style Schemes was broken, but now works properly again.
  3. Fixed: The “preview eye” for DWG files was missing from the Documents list. This has now been added again and can be used to view DWG files online without needing AutoCAD.
  4. Fixed: The PDF viewer did not work correctly in the Safari browser. It turned out that that specific browser handled the scripts we were using differently. Additional functionalities have now been added for that browser so that PDFs can also be viewed there.
  5. Fixed: When copying a Workflow, a 500 error was displayed and the Workflow was not copied. This was due to a problem retrieving the original Workflow from the database. Once that was resolved, copying as a whole worked again.

BIMcollab Twin | 29-06-2020

Build number 3.4.1


  1. Categories can be added to ViewTemplates so that they are immediately switched when the template is selected.
  2. ViewTemplates have been placed above the style schemes in the right sidebar. By choosing a ViewTemplate, all settings of that ViewTemplate are applied to the model and the floor plan visible in the browser.
  3. The company classifications that can be linked to companies can now also be used in Style Schemes to color maps and models.
  4. Labels and work packages added to the upload list are now all added when posting to BIMlink, even if it has other labels and work packages. In that case they are combined.
  5. Companies with a role can be linked to objects. This allows you to set who, for example, is the tenant or owner of a space or who is responsible for the maintenance of an installation part.
  6. Entire Document Sets can be linked to objects and object types at once. All documents in a set are then immediately visible at the object and/or object type.
  7. Communication can be added to Document Sets and Work Packages. For example, users can ask questions about a Document Set or add a task to a Work Package.
  8. Lists in the gray bars (left and right of the screen) can be collapsed to have a clearer overview and to avoid having to endlessly scroll down long lists.
  9. A search field has been added to the list of parameters in the right sidebar so that a parameter can be quickly looked up and, for example, checked whether a parameter has been completed.
  10. Communication is now also accessible via the API. Questions, Notes and Action Points can therefore also be used for analyses, for example in Power BI.
  11. In addition to the existing information, the following components can also be retrieved via the API: modification date, project structure name and placeholders.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: The “No comments” button occasionally gave an error message even though the task had been completed. This problem has been resolved and the user is now returned to the normal, correct page.
  2. Fixed: An object's parameters were not always displayed correctly next to the 3D viewer. This was because they were not loaded in the background. That has changed and all entered parameter values ​​are correctly shown by their names in the right sidebar.
  3. Fixed: Note attachments could not be downloaded. This turned out to be because the download URL was not compiled correctly. The URL is now sent correctly and files can therefore be downloaded normally.
  4. Fixed: Not all unique values ​​were loaded when creating a new Style Scheme. As a result, plans and models were not all colored in. Because all unique values ​​are now loaded, models can be completely provided with the desired colors.
  5. Fixed: There appeared to be a dead link in the Realization module. It has been traced and revived, making the correct page visible.
  6. Fixed: Links from the details of a Communication item to a document now immediately open the Communication tab for the document in question so that one can immediately see whether more Communication has been placed on a Document.
  7. Fixed: The button

BIMcollab Twin | 25-05-2020

Build number 3.4
In this release we have made a major change in the way we extract data from models and store it in the database. This will especially be noticeable for users when working with large (information) models. Searching and filtering all data is more efficient and therefore pages and the 3D viewer load faster.

We have also adjusted and added the following points.


  1. Previously it was not possible to do two Assessments one after the other in a Workflow. So if Henk and Kees had to approve a document, they had to coordinate it outside the system. That is no longer necessary! You can now place as many Reviews in a Workflow as you want. Only when the last assessment has been completed and all assessments are positive will the document receive the status Approved.
  2. The lists of Communication Items, like other lists, can be exported to an Excel file.
  3. A link has been added to export lists with Documents that allows you to go directly from the Excel file to the document on BIMlink.
  4. When selecting spatial elements for a project, all floors are immediately selected when you select the building. So you no longer have to click on each floor separately, which is nice for buildings with many floors.
  5. If you have added a spatial element to a Location, you will not be immediately redirected to that new element, but you will go back to where you came from. So if you add a floor to a building you return to the building so that you can immediately add another floor.
  6. On the Events tab, the company name is listed next to the person who performed the action. This makes it clearer who it concerns because, especially in larger project teams, you may not know everyone.
  7. After uploading files, you as a user receive an overview of the documents you have placed and which Workflows have been started.
  8. The Repro-link has been given the option to order color prints.
  9. Within the Account Settings, classifications can be added to Companies that can then be used on maps via Coloring Style Schemes. So, for example, you can create industry classifications and link them to tenants of spaces. You can then use that branching to generate colored maps.
  10. Our API can now also be used by Beecot.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: We received messages that some users had received a 502 error when working with BIMlink. Without going into a very technical story here, this was because the actions of different users sometimes got in each other's way. We solved this by ensuring that actions wait until other actions have been completed.
  2. Fixed: There were a few pages that had two vertical scroll bars on the side. This was very annoying because you could never scroll over the entire page at once. Due to a more intelligent layout of the page, a scroll bar has disappeared and you can simply use a bar to move the page.
  3. Fixed: Following a link to a Location sometimes produced an error page. This was because a list on that page was not being compiled correctly. This has now been adjusted and the page can now always be reached again.
  4. Fixed: Changing a Location gave an error for a single location. This has been corrected and is working as it should again at all Locations.
  5. Fixed: The search function under Users in Account Setting no longer worked. Difficult if you have a very long list of people. That's why we fixed this!
  6. Fixed: The images sent in email notifications, such as for LinkedIn and Facebook, did not appear in the message because the path to the image on our server was incorrect. The path has been adjusted and the images appear again in the emails.
  7. Fixed: The counter on the Dashboard showing the Responsible Control Tasks incorrectly remained at 0. The numbers are now correct again.
  8. Fixed: If you used the select-all check mark on a very long list, the number that reflected how many items in the list you actually selected was incorrect. This was because not the entire list is loaded when you start the page. Only when you scroll down will more items be loaded. The counter has now been adjusted in such a way that it also counts items that have not yet been loaded and therefore displays the correct total.

BIMcollab Twin | 29-04-2020

Build number 3.3.2


  1. A link has been made with PowerBI in our API. As a result, all kinds of analyzes can now be made in PowerBI of the data contained in BIMlink.
  2. The Communication module has been added to our API. External software packages can therefore retrieve and use the data from this module.
  3. On pages where lists of users are shown, a search field has been placed so that you can quickly find that one person in a long list.
  4. The list of documents that becomes visible when an object is clicked in one of the viewers shows some more information about the document so that it is clearer what type of document it is.
  5. Whether you click on an object in the 2D or 3D viewer, the information in the right sidebar is the same. This makes more sense than you getting different information depending on which viewer you use.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: Search fields did not respond in many places when a value was pasted in with the mouse, but only when the keyboard was used. With this fix, the search fields now always respond when a change is made in the field, whether it is done with a keyboard, a mouse or a touch.
  2. Fixed: At most unexpected times, users occasionally received a 502 error message on their screen. It was a mystery for a while where this message came from, but we were eventually able to trace it back to the moment when two processes within the application wanted to edit the same object. This almost never happened, but was possible. Due to some adjustments, the second process will now always wait until the first process is ready and therefore no more errors can occur.
  3. Fixed: An error had crept into the database which meant that some DWG files could no longer be opened in the DWG viewer. The error has now been cleared and the viewer is working properly again.
  4. Fixed: The language in which notifications were sent was often Dutch, while German was set as the preferred language, for example. This turned out to be due to the language that was set in the browser. This was taken as a starting point instead of the language set in BIMlink. We have adjusted the notification scripts to always use the language set by BIMlink when sending emails.
  5. Fixed: Notifications sent by the system sometimes incorrectly named the user who allegedly performed the action. The user's name is omitted, so it can no longer be wrong.
  6. Fixed: It was possible to fill in an already existing document number when changing a document number. This created two documents with the same number in the system, which caused problems. A check has been added that, when changing the document number, checks whether the new number does not already exist. If so, the change will be rejected.
  7. Fixed: As with the document number, the same version number could also be created. That change is now also rejected. A version number of a document is now always unique.
  8. Fixed: Loading the Dashboard in the Personal Area quickly became very slow when a user had access to multiple projects and multiple accounts. The dashboards will soon undergo a thorough renovation and then this problem will be solved. The solution for now is that we have temporarily removed the counters that were on the Dashboard so that users no longer have to wait for seconds until the page is finally loaded. The counters within the Project Environment work properly and provide quick insight into open and completed items.
  9. Fixed: In (old) Edge browsers, the form that could be used to adjust Permissions for Roles was not displayed correctly (in terms of formatting: the text went outside the intended box). By changing the structure of the HTML of the page, the text is displayed in the same (correct) way in all browsers.

BIMcollab Twin | 16-04-2020

Build number 3.3.1


  1. For all lists of Documents, the filters can be reset with one click.
  2. When uploading new documents, the modification date no longer needs to be higher than the previous version, the same date is also allowed. The version number must always be higher than the previous version.
  3. Documents can be added to a Workflow afterwards, so no longer just during uploading.

BIMcollab Twin | 30-03-2020

Build number 3.3
In release 3.3 we made our 3D viewer available to users with some basic functionalities. We will be adding even more functionalities to this in the coming period. There have also been a number of additions to existing functions that improve user-friendliness. We have also included a number of user wishes. In addition, a new function has been added in which project agreements can be recorded and used to validate data.

Package 1 | Basis

  1. Chapter 'Protocol' has been added. Agreements made within a project can be stored here and used to validate the data that is added to the system.
  2. Control tasks allow multiple tasks to be handled simultaneously.

Package 2 | Premium

  1. A new step can be added to a Workflow: the 'Repro service'. This step offers the option to prepare print jobs immediately if, for example, a drawing has been approved. Print jobs must still be manually approved before they are sent to a repro service.
  2. Some smaller new features for the Workflows overview:
    • More filter options
    • Comments can be downloaded immediately

Package 3 | Building dashboard

  1. The interface of the 2D viewer has been changed so that the information is clearly displayed.

Package 4 | BIM model

  1. The 3D viewer has become available to all users. Floors and categories can easily be switched on and off. By clicking on objects, the parameters are shown in the information screen.

Build number 3.2

Major new parts

  1. It has become possible to create Work Packages and Work Package Codes and link companies to them. For example, a company can be made responsible for a set of documents within one or more Work Packages. Each work package has its own permission model, so access to a work package can be set in detail by, for example, a work planner.
  2. A DWG viewer has been added to the Documents module, allowing DWG files to be opened and viewed in the browser. XREF structures are also recognized and the linked files are displayed. On the side of the viewer there are some useful functions that allow you to switch linked files and AutoCAD layers on and off.
  3. Documents can be created as 'placeholders'. This means that such a document does not have an actual file and therefore cannot be downloaded, for example. But in this way a kind of guideline can be added to a project so that people know which documents are (needed to be) included. In lists where documents are displayed, placeholders are indicated with a separate icon so that users can immediately see which documents are actually on the system and which are still to come.

New functions

  1. If an Upload List is used when uploading new documents, it is no longer important that the columns are in a fixed order in the Excel file. The columns can now be in any order and can therefore be filled in as a user likes or in a way that better suits his or her own working method.
  2. From the Upload list, the application also reads the column called 'Spatial structure'. For example, one or more floor names can be placed in this column. The document in question is then automatically added to the floor(s) provided that the floor name in the Excel file exactly matches the name in the application.
  3. Through the Permissions within a User Role, rights can be set so that Users can only modify documents created by their own company.
  4. The status filter for Control tasks has been given a more logical order. The order in which the options are listed now follows the steps that a Control Task goes through, i.e. from Open to Urgent to Checked, etc.
  5. When creating a new account, Package 1 is added as standard, as every user needs at least this package.
  6. The list of Statuses that are added when creating an Account has been shortened because it turned out that not all statuses we had are interesting for most accounts. This way, an account does not have to be 'cleaned up' before you can get started.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed: After saving or changing a subproject, people remained on the page they were working on. The logical action of going to the detail page works again.
  2. Fixed: If an administrator wanted to send a user a new activation code, nothing happened and it was not clearly visible why nothing happened. The function has been fixed and neatly sends an email to the user with the new activation code.
  3. Fixed: Within a location and a project, floor heights were displayed differently, namely with and without a dot at the thousand. Both views now show the usual dot in the usual place.
  4. Fixed: If a floor had no height, mm was always   displayed. When loading the page, it is now checked whether the floor has a height. Only if this is the case will  mm  be added after the height, otherwise the field will remain empty.
  5. Fixed: The page to adjust permissions within a User Role remained empty. This has been repaired and the page now neatly shows the change form again.
  6. Fixed: When trying to export an empty table to Excel, a major error appeared. This has been changed and you now receive a message that the table is empty as soon as you click Export.
  7. Fixed: When downloading the sample Upload List from Support, the file was named  Upload List.xlsx.xlsx . We removed 1x  .xlsx  from that.
  8. Fixed: The overview of Companies within a Project also showed Companies that were within the Account but not involved in the Project. The list has been adjusted to only show Companies that are actually involved in the Project or Project Phase.
  9. Fixed: When changing a company name, one could add a name that already existed. In this way, two companies with the same name but which had nothing to do with each other could be created. We have built in a check that, when saving the company name, checks whether the company name is not already in use. This way, duplicates can never occur again.
  10. Fixed: It is of course very useful if you can receive a Notification when new Documents have been placed on the system by a User. However, the script that looked up the Users was a bit too enthusiastic and also showed the User who was posting the Documents some Users who did not have access to the Account in question. We have just taught the script to only display Users who have access to the Account, otherwise they will be faced with a closed door when they want to log in.
  11. Fixed: Archiving a Document gave a message that the page could not be found. This was because the function pointed to an incorrect URL. The URL has been adjusted and the archive function works again as you would expect.

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