Release history Nexus, BCF Managers, Zoom - Archive

Release history Nexus, BCF Managers, Zoom - Archive

In this article you can find an overview of the new features and improvements of the BIMcollab Ecosystem that were released in 2022 or earlier.
Use the navigation column to the right to navigate quickly to the older release notes. 

BCF Managers | 15-12-2022

ArchiCAD for Windows
build number 6.0.13


  1. Solved a bug where certain localized ArchiCAD versions freeze and crash after the user clicks on 'Connect' in the Connect-dialogue

BIMcollab Cloud | 14-12-2022

Updated user interface: White theme

BIMcollab Zoom | 13-12-2022

build number 6.3.9

New Features (Windows only)

  1. Saved filters: save and retrieve different property configurations for filtering issues
  2. Auto-sync: an option to always keep selected and edited issues up to date with BIMcollab Cloud
  3. Set viewpoint as default: an option to set any comment viewpoint as default issue viewpoint


  1. Scaling support for monitors with different DPI's improved
  2. The selected property tab is now kept when switching selection between components
  3. (De)select all components in 3D is now much faster
  4. A direct link to BIMcollab academy is available through Help > BIMcollab academy


  1. Solved a bug where icons are missing for files from shared folders (Mac only)
  2. Solved several interface issue for german localisation (Mac only)
  3. Solved a crash when right clicking element properties in clash details (Mac only)
  4. 'Help' links are redirecting language specific

BCF Managers | 8-12-2022

Navisworks, Revit, Tekla Structures, AutoCAD and Stand alone
build number 6.1.11

New Features

  1. Saved filters: save and retrieve different property configurations for filtering issues
  2. Auto-sync: an option to always keep selected and edited issues up to date with BIMcollab Cloud
  3. Set viewpoint as default: an option to set any comment viewpoint as default issue viewpoint


  1. Solved a bug where the 'Server busy' prompt blocked the user from activating the Navisworks BCF manager and using the MRU

BCF Managers | 31-10-2022

build number 6.0.12


  1. Solved a bug that made the BCF manager crash when using the search function for issues (Windows only)
  2. Removed the Server busy prompt which blocks the user from logging in to the BCF Manager in Navisworks

BIMcollab Zoom | 28-10-2022

build number 6.2.13


  1. Solved a bug that made BIMcollab Zoom crash when using the search function for issues (Windows only)

BIMcollab Cloud | 15-10-2022

New features

  1. New option to follow issues and be notified when changes are made
  2. Create, use or enforce the use of project templates
  3. New field to set and display a Project ID
  4. New option to add multiple values at once to define custom fields
  5. User dropdown lists are grouped by company
  6. Create subteams by prohibiting team members from assigning issues outside of their company


  1. Improved error handling in Trimble Integration
  2. Improved German translations

Bug fixes

  1. Duplicate names for saved filters prevented
  2. Resolved bug while importing BCF files with unassigned issues
  3. Resolved problem with deleting issues in spaces where SSO is enabled
  4. Several other bugs solved

BIMcollab Zoom | 11-10-2022

build number 6.2.11


  1. Smart Properties are now available on BIMcollab Zoom Mac

Other improvements and bug fixes

  1. Vertex count property is now more accurately calculated
  2. Solved a bug where the color picker would not show up when editing Smart view colors
  3. Solved a bug where units and decimals were not presented correctly
  4. Solved a bug where an expert property was not added after enabling it in the options
  5. Solved a bug where the introduction tour would not load on Mac
  6. Solved a bug where a file would not load when non-numerical values are given for numerical properties in stairs
  7. Solved a bug where not all issues would be visible in specific scenarios

BCF Managers | 07-10-2022

build number 6.0.11 (6.0.12 for Archicad Mac)

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where not all issues would be visible in specific scenarios
  2. Fixed the BCF Manager Info button in Navisworks
  3. Fixed the behaviour of Labels when set as Mandatory fields
  4. Fixed a language mismatch bug in the Revit and Navisworks BCF Managers

BIMcollab Zoom | 06-09-2022

build number 6.1.30


  1. Solved an issue that would show all Property Sets in the property panel, regardless of selection
  2. Solved an issue where some properties in Summary were shown twice

BIMcollab Zoom | 29-08-2022

build number 6.1.22


  1. Smart properties performance for Summary and Material properties 5 times faster
  2. Improved Remember me functionality
  3. Renewed issue panel (see BCF Manager, Windows only)

Bug fixes

  1. Solved a crash when the material layer names are empty
  2. Solved a crash when adding two files with the same name to a shared project
  3. Solved a bug where Classifications would not be sorted alphabetically in the property dropdown
  4. Solved a bug where user would not be able to login to a space if the address contains "/" at the end
  5. Solved a bug that would not show IfcProject property values in Lists
  6. Solved a bug that would not save the applied movement & rotation to Point cloud files on shared projects
  7. Solved a bug that would prevent Tooltips and Stamp tool to show the Material Name value
  8. Solved a bug that would not allow to use Show/Hide/Filter similar on the Element's tab for a selected clash
  9. Solved a bug that would select elements hidden by a section box when using drag selection

BCF Manager | 29-08-2022

Build number 6.0.10

Redesigned user interface

All BCF Managers and Issue panel in BIMcollab ZOOM Windows
  1. Customize the columns shown in the Issue list
  2. Smart Zoom-to: Zoom to viewpoints is always fast and optimized (Revit only)
  3. Quickly add comments with or without viewpoints to issues
  4. Use Quick-edit to update issues much faster
  5. Comments are now displayed in a chat-like format *
  6. Added user avatars to comments *
  7. Issue details tab shows a detailed overview of selected issues
* Not included in BCF Manager Archicad

Other improvements

  1. Improved Remember me functionality

Bug fixes

  1. Solved a bug that would display pending members in the notify and assign to lists
  2. Solved a bug that would prevent the BCF manager from starting unless the right .NET Framework was installed (Archicad only)

BIMcollab Installer | 29-08-2022

build number 1.0.13

A new application that allows users to install and manage all BIMcollab products through a single access point. 

BIMcollab Cloud | 16-07-2022

All users

  1. Saved filters (Connected+ only)
  2. Upload profile-photo, visible in issue-history
  3. Simplified Two-factor Authentication setup
  4. Improved menu structure
  5. See the status of hyperlinked issues
  6. Added company column to activity list


  1. Add new viewpoints to an issue from model viewer (Connected+ only)

Project leaders

  1. Create new issues based on previous ones (cloning)
  2. Simplified new project creation workflow
  3. Easier access to project settings
  4. Issue report as flat CSV file


  1. Ability to delete companies and avoid duplicates
  2. Added additional columns to user list
  3. Export user list as a CSV file
  4. Automatic notifications for users added to/removed from a ZOOM license pool


  1. Added more user related information to Admin API endpoints


  1. Improved security and performance by updating critical .NET libraries

BIMcollab ZOOM | 09-06-2022

build number 6.0.4

New feature: Smart Properties (Windows only)

  1. Create your own dictionary with Set value to standardize data
  2. Create your own classifications based on available object data
  3. Map property values to a single new property set
  4. Use Smart Properties to make Smart views, Clash rules, and Lists operate from a shared filter setup
  5. Create and edit Smart Properties in the Smart Property editor
  6. Import / Export Smart Property sets

Other improvements

  1. Users are less frequently notified when all ZOOM licenses are in use

BIMcollab Cloud | 07-05-2022

Increased security

  1. Increased security by enforcing complex passwords with a minimum of 10 characters
  2. Two-Factor Authentication available for all users
  3. Enforce usage of Two-Factor authentication in Connected plans and up
  4. Enforce a reset password policy in Connected plans and up
  5. Supported from May releases of BCF Managers and BIMcollab ZOOM
  6. Ability to download User Access logs in Enterprise plans

Single sign-on

  1. Single sign-on capability added via Azure Active Directory in Enterprise plans
  2. Supported from May releases of BCF Managers and BIMcollab ZOOM

Model Viewer Integrations

  1. Each user can select visible models in model viewer according to their need
  2. Project leader can filter out unwanted file types
  3. On average a 50% performance increase when loading one or more large models in the Autodesk Docs integration. The increase for small models is around 15%


  1. Multi-value filters added to the issue and activities filters
  2. Select which columns are visible in the issue list
  3. Search for literal strings by using quotes
  4. Fixed issue with active user count after deactivating a user
  5. Fixed issue when downloading reports with non-Latin characters in the name

BIMcollab ZOOM | 05-05-2022

build number 5.3.29

New features

  1. Simplified product activation by logging in with BIMcollab ID
  2. Modernised connection to BIMcollab Cloud
  3. Drag selection: Hold CTR/CMD to start selection window


  1. Set opaque (Smart views) now works on any component
  2. The property of Systems is now available for Coverings

Bug fixes

  1. Solved a bug where issue snapshots could not be edited on Win 11
  2. Solved a crash when opening/adding files in Windows 11
  3. Solved a crash when synchronizing a very large amount of clash results
  4. Solved an issue with opening geometry in obscure models
  5. Solved a crash when selecting results from a disabled clash rule
  6. Solved an issue with viewpoints from Desite BIM showing up-side-down
  7. Solved a bug where values of IfcPropertyListValue and IfcPropertyEnumeratedValue were not shown

BCF Managers | 05-05-2022

build number 5.6.79

New features

  1. Simplified product activation by logging in with BIMcollab ID
  2. Modernised connection to BIMcollab Cloud
  1. Redesigned Import to BIMcollab panel
  2. Extended limits for description and custom fields
  3. Solved a bug where the element IDs of clashed elements were not added to comments after importing
  4. Solved an issue where pending team members were processed incorrectly on the Notify list
  5. Solved a bug about the Lookup in BIMcollab button on the Import dialog

BIMcollab Cloud | 09-04-2022


  1. Improved model viewer performance in all integrations
  2. Resolved viewpoint issues in Trimble Connect model viewer
  3. Resolved issue loading textures in Autodesk Docs model viewer

BIMcollab Cloud | 26-02-2022

New features

  1. Time-to-close issue data available via Power BI in Connected and Enterprise plans
  2. Administration statistics available via Power BI in Enterprise plans


  1. Performance improvements in BIMcollab Cloud
  2. Improved uploading performance of Smart Issues from BIMcollab ZOOM

Bug fixes

  1. Resolved issue where images are cropped in PDF reports
  2. Resolved issues with overlapping text in PDF reports
  3. Various other bug fixes

BIMcollab Cloud | 05-02-2022

New features

  1. Ability to delete issues by project leaders and/or administrators
  2. Simplified account creation and login through BIMcollab ID


  1. Admins can now see when users were added to the space in user list
  2. All introduction tours are localized
  3. Various user interface improvements on the dashboards

Bug fixes

  1. Resolved various issues with importing and exporting large reports
  2. Resolved issue accessing ZOOM license pool management

BCF Managers | 14-12-2021

build number
build number Autocad BCF Manager


  1. Minor interface improvements

Bug fixes

  1. Solved a crash when multiple devices would synchronize changes on the same issue

BIMcollab Cloud | 11-12-2021

New features

  1. Improved onboarding on private spaces via a tooltip tour
  2. Ability to change the visibility of issues using multi-edit
  3. Easy navigation through issues using arrow keys
  4. Ability to choose the default viewpoint of an issue


  1. Improvements to integration dialog performance
  2. Additional metrics added to better manage Zoom license pools
  3. Additional security enhancements to protect against brute force attacks
  4. Groups tab again available in all plans
  5. Ability to block sending invitation emails to new users on on-premisses spaces (administrators set passwords)
  6. BIMcollab became fully PCI-DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

Bug fixes

  1. Issue resolved when creating new integrations with Dropbox
  2. Problem resolved with missing headers on the Lists and Statistics pages
  3. Issue resolved with generating excel reports

BCF Managers | 19-10-2021

build number
build number Archicad BCF Manager


  1. Dutch & Portuguese languages support
  2. Community translation support
  3. Issues can now set without assigned team member


  1. Improved add/edit issue dialog
  2. Improved performance when zooming to issues on big projects (only Revit)
  3. Improved interaction while trying to edit someone else’s comment

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed an issue with custom fields' character limit
  2. Solved a bug where some BCF manager files would not be correctly removed after uninstallation (Revit only).
  3. Solved a bug when using the wire tool in Magicad (Revit only)

BIMcollab Zoom | 15-10-2021

build number


  1. Solved interface problem for add comment window

BIMcollab Zoom | 07-10-2021

build number

New features

  1. Nightshift: script based automation: update and share lists, update Smart Issues
  2. Support for 3D SpaceMouse
  3. Undo/redo action in the 3D window
  4. Introduction tour for new users
  5. Dutch & Portuguese languages support
  6. Community translation support
  7. Issues can now be set without assigned team member


  1. Improved add/edit issue dialog
  2. Upgraded security framework
  3. Improved interaction while trying to edit someone else’s comment
  4. Improved geometry engine

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed an accuracy issue on dimensioning tool
  2. Solved a bug where not all rows were exported in lists
  3. Solved a coordination problem for scattered models in project folders
  4. Solved a bug where move and rotate was reset upon reconnect
  5. Solved a bug where update issues could empty the viewpoint
  6. Solved an issue where Zoom would be outside the screen after disconnecting a 2nd monitor

BIMcollab Cloud | 03-10-2021

New features

  1. Provide admins with Zoom license denial statistics
  2. Support for unassigned issues
  3. New supported languages: Dutch, Portuguese / Community language : Estonian, Vietnamese
  4. Introduction tour private spaces

Other improvements

  1. Dropbox security
  2. BIM 360 Docs integration has been renamed to Autodesk docs integration
  3. Improved GUI for creating and editing issues; more space for custom fields

BIMcollab Zoom | 27-07-2021


  1. Smart view auto color and lists now consistently show parent and child components in decomposed objects
  2. Unknown clashes (purple) are no longer considered a change when updating issues
  3. The property panel now always shows the last selected object while multi-selecting
  4. Selection in navigation tree and 3D window are now more connected
  5. Double click in 3D window will now zoom to selection
  6. 100% transparent objects are now made slightly visible
  7. Improved editing of labels while multi editing issues
  8. Improved performance when switching to issue panel (Mac only)

Bug fixes

  1. Several geometrical issues resolved
  2. Materials and properties related to type-level are now correctly shown
  3. Solved a conversion issue with angle properties

BCF Managers | 27-07-2021


  1. Japanese language support
  2. Improved feedback on selected labels while multi-editing issues
  3. Added ‘Edit issue’ to right click menu menu
  4. Fixed some issue related to installation issues

Revit specific

  1. Fixed an issue when two models shared a Project UniqueID

Archicad specific

  1. Solved an issue where non-reserved components were not considered selected
  2. Fixed an issue where users could not scroll in the comment section
  3. Fixed an issue where default issue type was not reflected
  4. Fixed an issue when created issues in 2D on negative floor levels

Navisworks specific

  1. Improved performance for creating issues with components in viewpoint set to 'None'
  2. Fixed an issue with clash import having empty dropdowns
  3. Solved an issue related to user mapping when importing clash groups
  4. Solved an issue where issue were re-opened with clash import after manually closing them
  5. Users are now warned when importing saved viewpoint with too many components

BIMcollab Zoom | 08-06-2021

New feature: Smart Issues

  1. Clashes grouped and collectable in shared Smart Issues
  2. Status indicators for linked clashes: Reported, Ignored, New
  3. See live clash status when zooming to a Smart Issue
  4. Auto-update Smart Issues with latest clash status

Improved clash detection

  1. Separate results for clashes and duplicates
  2. Clash boxes are selectable and have a color coded status
  3. Clash group naming improved

Other improvements

  1. Redesign 'Discard & reload' to a single function
  2. Improved multi-editing of labels
  3. Several interface improvements


  1. Fixed a bug with 'And...' statements in clash rules
  2. Fixed a bug where duplicate text would not work
  3. Fixed bugs with updating/reloading point cloud files

BIMcollab Cloud | 05-06-2021

New features

  1. Smart Issues show linked clashes and status in issue details
  2. Default viewpoint of issue shows latest clash status
  3. Project leaders can now hide Approval, Visibility and Custom fields in projects where they are not used. They are hidden in issue details and reports; also in Zoom and BCF Managers

Other improvements

  1. Users are now forced to change password on login if it does not meet requirements set by Administrator
  2. Zoom edit rights visible in Team member list
  3. Updated BCF-API+ to support all new features
  4. Security Level raised further (security headers to match level B of CSP Security Rating)
  5. Custom fields added to excel reports
  6. Several small GUI refinements


  1. Reset filter now also resets Custom field filtering
  2. Viewpoint loss during import of BCF files solved
  3. Several small bugs with mandatory/custom fields usage and settings solved
  4. Clicking on 'Click here to navigate to issue' from Notification email opened image instead of issue: solved
  5. BCF-API made more robust to client-input, related to duplicating issues by Solibri
  6. Several small bugs solved

BCF Manager for Autodesk 2022 products | 19-04-2021

build number
  1. Revit 2022
  2. Navisworks 2022
  3. Autocad 2022


  1. Fixed an issue with 2D issues in Autocad
  2. Navisworks installer no longer remove BCF Manager from older products

BIMcollab Cloud | 10-04-2021

New functionality

  1. User accounts in a space again fully manageable by administrators
  2. Ability to force use of more complex password 
  3. Ability to force users to reset password after a definable period 
  4. Brute force attack protection by temporally blocking login after five failed attempts 

Other improvements

  1. Encoded links to snapshots
  2. Several (Japanese) localization inconsistencies 
  3. Several GUI inconsistencies

BCF Manager for Tekla | 07-04-2021

build number
  1. Tekla 2021

BIMcollab Zoom | 17-03-2021

build number


  1. Fixed a bug where clash filters were cleared after editing a rule
  2. Fixed an issue with reloading scans in e57 point clouds
  3. Fixed an issue with decimals settings in clash rule editor on Mac

BCF Manager for Archicad | 15-03-2021

build number

New functionality

  1. Added filters for custom fields

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where quick zoom would not work
  2. Fixed a bug when connecting to the example project on
  3. Fixed a bug where silent installation wouldn't work

BIMcollab Cloud | 27-02-2021

New functionality

  1. Ability to change the aggregation type in Lists
  2. Can show user's projects on Users statistics page
  3. Max 5 users on (viewers included)

Other improvements

  1. No mandatory fields anymore at BIMcollab account confirmation
  2. Improved sorting in Lists, Projects-, Companies- and Statistics pages
  3. Added missing Japanese translations
  4. Passwords created by Administrator in on-premise spaces are now saved
  5. Several bug fixes and styling improvements

BIMcollab Zoom | 23-02-2021

build number


  1. Fixed a crash on editing lists created in older versions
  2. Fixed a crash on renaming clash rule sets
  3. Fixed a bug on clash detection tolerance setting (Mac only)

BIMcollab Zoom | 18-02-2021

build number

New features

  1. Projects with many files now load twice as fast, again!
  2. Native support for Apple Silicon ARM chips, gaining 30% performance


  1. The component filter for lists is now more accessible
  2. Improved handling of duplicate file names in Project Folder setups
  3. Synchronize no longer deletes section planes
  4. Merged lists can now be split on unique numerical values

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed a crash when dragging a item to the bottom of a set
  2. Fixed a crash when unloading and loading .PTS or .XYZ files
  3. Fixed some bugs on opening BCF files with annotations
  4. Fixed a bug where IfcAnnotations would not show in Zoom
  5. Fixed a bug where some clash box volumes appeared 1000 times bigger
  6. Fixed a bug where unloading files could corrupt the available properties in smart views
  7. Fixed a bug for opening web links through open command in properties
  8. Fixed a bug for special character support for opening files through open command in properties
  9. Fixed an issue where Zoom did not start anymore for some machines

Other changes

  1. Disabled PDF export for lists for stability reasons

BIMcollab Zoom | 28-01-2021

build number

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue where Zoom would close right after startup on some computers

BIMcollab Zoom | 17-12-2020

build number

New features

  1. Added support for units in Lists
  2. Japanese language is now available

Bug fixes

  1. Several small bug fixes in Lists
  2. Fixed a bug where components in viewpoint Selected will only apply to selected elements
  3. Fixed a bug where angle units would not be saved after closing Zoom
  4. Fixed a bug that would not allow to remove all labels from an issue
  5. Fixed a bug where Zoom license would not be released immediately after closing Zoom in Windows

BCF Manager for Revit | 10-12-2020

build number

New functionality

  1. Added filters for custom fields

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed a bug with working on extended screens
  2. Fixed a bug where the issue snapshot wouldn't be saved when the Plan view name is longer than 50 characters
  3. Several improvements and small bug fixes

BCF Manager for Tekla | 02-12-2020

build number Tekla 2018 - 2020:

New functionality

  1. Added filters for custom fields

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where quick zoom would show all components
  2. Fixed a bug where quick zoom could not be activated
  3. Fixed a bug where actions would require a second click
  4. Fixed a bug with creation of an issue right after starting
  5. Fixed a bug with working on extended screens

BIMcollab Zoom | 24-11-2020

Hotfix and bugfixes

  1. Fixed a crash when moving point cloud files
  2. Fixed a crash when synchronising point cloud files in project folders
  3. Removed some empty files that were created when opening files with double click

BIMcollab Zoom | 12-11-2020

Hotfix and bugfixes

  1. Fixed a crash when synchronising in new projects without edit rights
  2. Fixed a bug where Lists were always copied instead of moved on Mac
  3. Exported BCP files now have project name as default name
  4. Fixed a bug where shared lists were not sorted alphabetically
  5. Several small improvements and fixes on project folders

BIMcollab Zoom | 29-10-2020

New feature: Lists

  1. Create lists (property tables or pivot grids) with BIM data from IFC files
  2. Share List definitions with your project team in BIMcollab
  3. Share List data to view in BIMcollab Cloud or Zoom Free
  4. Export list data as XLS, CSV or PDF

Project structure

  1. Select folders that are used in your BIMcollab project
  2. Automatically add all BIM files from selected folders


  1. Load large projects twice as fast
  2. Improved navigation performance in point cloud files

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed an issue with proxy settings
  2. Fixed a bug where auto color on GUID would show model in red
  3. Fixed a bug where preview set in clash detection did not work
  4. Fixed a bug that caused start up problems for some computers

BIMcollab Cloud | 24-10-2020

New functionality

  1. View shared List data from BIMcollab Zoom

Updated Power BI Connector

  1. Access to shared list data via Power BI Connector


  1. Simplified method to grant Zoom data sharing permissions to team members
  2. Improved model coordination in BIM 360
  3. Optimized API for Solibri 9.12 support

BCF Manager for Navisworks | 01-10-2020

New functionality

  1. Added support for IFC conversions 'Revit IFC' (NWS 2019-2020) and 'Modern' (NWS 2021)
  2. Added filters for custom fields

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where incorrect clash groups were imported
  2. Fixed several issues for connection through proxy servers
  3. Fixed a bug where 'Assigned to' and 'import' buttons would be disabled
  4. Fixed an issue where viewpoints were not saved in join and starter projects
  5. Fixed a bug where not all section planes were saved
  6. Fixed an issue with updating 3D when components in viewpoints is set to 'None = show all'
  7. Fixed a bug when duplicated clash test names were used

BIMcollab Zoom | 21-07-2020

build number (hotfix)


  1. Resolved a bug where new Dropbox business accounts wouldn't be able to retrieve models from integrated folders
  2. Resolved a bug in the clash rule editor where the preview button (source and target) would not show the correct predefined elements

Zoom Pro license

  1. New My license information dialogue for Zoom Pro trial licenses

 Other improvements

  1. Zoom start up time is now 40% faster

BIMcollab Ecosystem | 13-06-2020 / 25-06-2020

Dropbox & Trimble Connect integrations

  1. In Connected plans: Dropbox and Trimble Connect added in integration dialog
  2. Zoom automatically finds files on Dropbox when connecting to BIMcollab Cloud project
  3. Models from Trimble Connect directly visible in BIMcollab Cloud to create, edit and lookup issues  

New functionality

  1. Allow users to authenticate themselves via Active Directory (OnPremisses BIMcollab Cloud servers only)
  2. Provide your own custom filenames for PDF and BCF reports
  3. Create issue and activities reports based on search results 

Updated Power BI Connector

  1. Provides issue URLs allowing users to navigate directly to a BIMcollab Cloud from your Power BI dashboard
  2. Provides group information of issue creators and owner


  1. Several authentication improvements
  2. Resolved a bug where some objects would show without colors
  3. Resolved a bug where Systems property would not show for IfcBuildingElementProxy
  4. Other smaller bug fixes

BIMcollab Zoom | 07-05-2020

Better performance

  1. Loading large models up to 9 times faster
  2. Up to 80% less RAM usage for models with many repetitions
  3. Smaller viewpoints when using section planes: ZOOM only saves actual visible components

 Clash detection improvements

  1. Clash detection engine is now much more accurate without losing performance:
    1. More edge cases recognized (like objects in objects)
    2. Less false positives
    3. Accurate clash bounding box
  2. Clashes can be grouped per story level
  3. Improved viewpoints for clashes (zoom-to-fit the clash instead of components)
  4. Wireframe for transparant objects improves clash visualization
  5. Bug fixed in clash rule edit rights 

Issue management

  1. You can now save override colors even when components in viewpoint is set to ‘None = Show all’
  2. Issues can now be filtered on custom fields
  3. Custom- and mandatory fields can be used while batch generating issues 

General Improvements

  1. User can choose to see wireframes for transparent objects
  2. Support for LongName property for ifcSpatialStructures
  3. Solved connection problems for retrieving Zoom Pro licenses
  4. Fixed a positioning bug when importing Tekla BIMsight packages
  5. Improved several UI scaling issues

BIMcollab Cloud | 25-04-2020


  1. Support for object coloring in viewpoints in BIM 360 Docs
  2. Paste image to create issue snapshot
  3. Improved security by not allowing others to edit your comments (also in BCF Managers)
  4. New column in issue list with a-provers
  5. Custom fields supported at CSV import


  1. Sometimes slow space-entry after login is solved
  2. Sorting issue list by issue modification-dates now correct
  3. Long space names correctly displayed
  4. Several other improvements and bugs fixed

BCF Managers | 23-04-2020

New BCF managers

  1. Revit 2021,
  2. Navisworks 2021,
  3. AutoCAD 2021
  4. Tekla Structures 2020


  1. Fixed problems where one could not activate a license
  2. Bug fixes for using 2D viewpoints, importing BCF files, working with detached models in Revit 2018 and grouped clash import in Navisworks

BIMcollab Ecosystem | 20-02-2020

BIMcollab Zoom | build

  1. Import Tekla BIMsight files via File > Import
  2. Shared Smart view - and Clash rule sets alphabetically sorted
  3. Improved interface for displaying material properties

BIMcollab Zoom and BCF Managers

  1. Custom and mandatory fields in Connected plans are supported
  2. BCF API support opens the possibility in the near future to connect to other CDE’s as BIMcollab.
  3. Performance of the connection is further improved: issues are 2 times faster visible on your screen after connecting to a cloud project. Publishing issues is 15% faster.
  4. Viewers and reviewers can now see all issue details

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed the activation of Pro licenses through proxy servers
  2. Fixed a crash when editing a smart view after unloading models
  3. Fixed a bug where Summary.Name would change into Material.Name after editing the smart view
  4. Fixed a bug where ‘Save changes’ was not triggered for offline issues when closing Zoom
  5. Fixed a bug where sorting of building stories would be inconsistent in rare situations

BIMcollab Zoom | 18-12-2019


New functionality

  1. Clash detection now distinguishes clashes from duplicates
  2. Tolerance for clashes now includes an option to filter out clashes based on the shortest side of the clash box
  3. ‘And…' operators are now also available for clash detection
  4. In-app updater: download and install the latest version of Zoom from within the software
  5. Implemented feedback forms for specific user groups 


  1. Improved handling of material properties in the material tab
  2. Improved support for working with BCP files with relative paths to IFC files
  3. Several settings for floor plans are now saved
  4. Update IFC geometry kernel for faster IFC loading
  5. Improved the rotation of clash boxes to fit around clashes
  6. Click defines center of orbit is now default for all new users

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where counting of auto color items went wrong for partial strings
  2. Fixed a bug where text values were formatted as numbers
  3. Fixed a crash on Mac when smart views were dragged from shared to local
  4. Clash results should now always reset after changing the model structure
  5. Several minor bug fixes

BIMcollab Cloud | 08-12-2019 

BIM 360 Docs Modelviewer improvements

  1. Navisworks files supported
  2. Support for viewpoints with section planes
  3. Icons in model selector for better navigation 
  4. Bug with zoom-to and several other small bugs fixed

Filter improvements

  1. Filter for 'Company' added to issue filter
  2. Reset filter now also resets 'custom fields'
  3. Wrong filter description fixed
  4. Sorting on favorites and custom fields fixed

Other improvements

  1. BCF-API+ further improved and extended, several bugs fixed
  2. New integrations-dialog to prepare for future integrations
  3. Option to create a company while creating a user
  4. New user can be added directly to a Zoom license pool
  5. Option 'Only allow to assign issues to members of the team member's user groups' now also applies to project leaders
  6. Custom and mandatory fields supported on import
  7. Last login -column also based on BCF Manager and Zoom logins
  8. Several known bugs fixed and other small improvements

BIMcollab Zoom | 12-09-2019


New functionality

  1. Stamp tool: You can now use the stamp tool to create annotations of element properties in a single click.
  2. 'And…’ statements: Users can now chain several property requirements in smart views with 'And...' statements

Clash detection improvements

  1. Improved the accuracy of clash detection between face-to-face elements
  2. Improved feedback and handling of moving section planes
  3. Floorplans can now be enabled/disabled in your view modes of Clash Detection
  4. You can now run an individual clash rule by double click or pressing enter

Other improvements

  1. Unsynchronized changes to a shared smart view or clash rule will now be indicated with a (*).
  2. Improved geometry creation in IFC kernel
  3. Extended functionality to find relative path from .BCP file
  4. Update model will no longer apply a restore view afterwards 
  5. Quantities are now supported in IfcComplexProperty
  6. Added support for material properties (IfcMaterialProperties)
  7. When multiple users synchronize changes that are in conflict, the user will be prompted to choose action 

 Bug fixes

  1. Fixed the bug where Door Width was displayed as 0mm
  2. Fixed a bug where element colors were not shown for some IFC4 files
  3. Running a single clash rule will no longer reset the scroll list (Mac only)
  4. Fixed a bug where a change in rule order was lost in clash detection editor 
  5. Fixed a bug where geometry of IfcBuilding was not drawn
  6. Fixed a bug where the search field would not work with upper case letters
  7. Fixed unit conversion bug for Riser Height in ifcStair
  8. Fixed a bug that synchronize issues would also synchronize smart views and clash rules
  9. Fixed the issue snapshot being resized when creating issues
  10. Previously set viewpoint options are no longer applied to batch generate issues

BIMcollab Cloud | 08-09-2019

General improvements

  1. Trial mode for BIM 360 Docs integration on and Starter/Classic plans
  2. Nicer 3D view and better model handling
  3. Higher and lower than -operators when filtering on priority and deadline
  4. Several bugfixes and improvements

Power BI connector

  1. Basic issue data also available on Starter plan
  2. More activity data available (Connected and up)
  3. Custom fields added to Power BI data (Connected and up)
  4. Download multiple projects at once (Connected and up)

New workflow settings (Connected and up)

  1. Only employees of space owning company can close issues
  2. Only allowed to assign issues to members of same user groups

Other Improvements (Connected and up):

  1. Visibility filter with more options
  2. New graphs for custom fields
  3. Search through custom fields values
  4. Custom fields are added to multi-edit
  5. Copy custom and mandatory field definition from other project on project creation

BIMcollab Zoom | 09-07-2019 

Smart view and clash rule sharing

  1. Share your smart views easily through the BIMcollab project in the cloud
  2. Define a unique set of smart views per project
  3. Drag and drop from local to shared and vice versa
  4. Define edit rights for smart views per team member in BIMcollab
  5. Reinstated Smart View export functionality

Clash detection (Pro only)

  1. Define clash filters and rules comparable to smart view definitions
  2. Share clash rules with your project team easily through the BIMcollab project in the cloud
  3. Group clashes based on user defined similarities
  4. Identify clashes by nearest grid, nearest space and component properties 
  5. Visualize clashes with three different view modes
  6. Batch generate issues with the issue generator

Quantity listing (Pro only)

  1. Select operator and property per smart view
  2. Review quantities stored in the IFC file
  3. Copy the result table to paste in a spreadsheet or export to CSV
  4. Share smart views with property listing through BIMcollab

Other Improvements

  1. Significant faster loading of IFC files (+25% on average)
  2. Smart view auto color applied to ‘Any element’ will no longer apply to subparts in decomposed elements
  3. Properties are now always sorted alphabetically in all dropdown menu’s
  4. Update of geometry kernel to resolve geometrical problems


  1. Fixed a bug when combining Auto color with wildcards would result in incorrect entity counting
  2. Fixed a bug where IfcBuildingElementProxy could not be found through the search dialogue
  3. Fixed a bug where IfcOpeningStandardCase (IFC4) did not act as opening

BIMcollab Cloud | 06-07-2019


  1. Introduction of different plans, different prices
  2. New custom fields: two dropdown lists and two text fields
  3. Filter on custom fields
  4. Mandatory fields: define per issue-property which is obligatory
  5. New graphs comparing multiple projects

BIM 360 integration

  1. Connect your BIMcollab space to a BIM 360 account
  2. Define which project is connected to which models
  3. Define access to the 3D View per team member
  4. Lookup, create and verify issues in the context of the 3D model

Reporting Improvements

  1. printable PDF reports without grey background
  2. larges snapshots on tile view PDF reports
  3. combine graphs with issue-lists in PDF reports

Other Improvements

  1. auto-grow of description and comments for large content
  2. and many more small interface improvements and bugs fixed

BCF Managers | 29-05-2019

  1. Viewpoints with section planes can be created and used again.
  2. Clash import works correctly again when using Groups.
  3. Clash import now uses the correct units in created comments.
  4. Several GUI improvements (mainly in non English languages)

BCF Managers | 16-05-2019

Revit  | build 155

  1. Crash during the loading of some models is fixed

BIMcollab Zoom | build 149 | 03-05-2019  

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed several geometrical issues
  2. Fixed navigation could be blocked in far away models
  3. Fixed zoom to fit would sometimes zoom out too far 
  4. Fixed Time_stamp property being converted in time zones
  5. Fixed several scaling issues on MacBooks with attached displays
  6. Fixed the issue where some Mac users could not mount the installer

BCF Managers | 24-04-2019

For Navisworks

  1. Redesigned and optimized workflow when synchronizing clashes to issues- up to 100x faster synchronizing issues from clashes
  2. Immediate responsiveness of the import clashes dialogs in any project size
  3. Automatic optimization of viewpoints for fast zoom-to’s and light-weight communication
  1. Use of viewpoints stored in clash detective, eliminating the ‘saved viewpoint workaround’
  2. Whether to update or to create an issue automatically detected

For Revit

  1. New algorithm makes zoom-to and check components 61% faster in complex models with many linked files
  2. Creating snapshots and issues much faster on large models
  1. Fixed problem making issues when Revit runs in viewer mode

For Tekla

  1. Zoom-to and check components 69% faster when working with many linked reference models
  2. Creating issues when working with many linked reference files became more than 80% faster
  1. Tile view added in issue-panel
  2. Fixed problem with making snapshots in non-administrator mode
  3. Fixed problem where components were not isolated on zoom-to
  4. Support for Base point when working with complex coordinated models


  1. Fixed communication with Solibri Model Checker regarding lost visibility of selected components in viewpoints.
  2. Removed selection of colored components in applications that do not support color-override from BCF.
  3. Several improvements for creating viewpoints and zoom-to, improved locating of issues and refined GUI.improvements

BIMcollab Zoom | 11-04-2019


  1. Up to 40% less memory usage, loading models twice as large
  2. Five times more objects during smooth navigation
  3. Supports latest MacOS OpenGL for better imaging and 5K graphics support
  4. improved auto-fixing of IFC imports ensures all your models being loaded correctly

Bug fixes

  1. Problems solved for intel HD graphical cards
  2. Many more small improvements and bug-fixes


  1. Visualize project origin and zoom to this location
  2. Automatic floor plans now includes floor plans from other models on equal elevations
  3. Improved positioning of dimension text
  4. Moving multiple section planes at once
  5. Function to duplicate annotations
  6. Open documents and external url’s from properties
  7. Support for more properties of reinforcing elements
  8. Use tab-key to browse through property sets

Power BI Connector | 04-04-2019 


  1. More issue-attributes available like Title, Description, Labels and Approval.
  2. Support for Microsoft On-Premise Gateway for automatic synchronization of data.
  3. User can now only access projects and issues via Power BI Connector which he/she is authorized to
  4. No ‘beta-version’ anymore in description

BIMcollab Zoom | 24-01-2019


  1. Added functionality to edit multiple issues at once
  2. Quick search can now be used to only search in visible elements or My view
  3. Select, isolate, show, or hide elements directly from the auto color legend
  4. Added a quantity count for elements in auto-color legend
  5. Subtypes of IfcStructuralItem are now supported and can be used to visualize Structural Analysis models
  6. 10% loading option added for point cloud
  7. Create issues from anywhere in the application with right click
  8. Show or hide all your MEP components at once with Alt + M
  9. Support for structural analysis elements 


  1. Loading speed of models with complex objects improved
  2. Added restore view as button to the toolbar

Bug fixes

  1. Section planes will no longer be removed when a smart view is executed
  2. Implemented support for multiple grid-systems in a single IFC file
  3. Fixed a bug where dedicated video cards were not used by Zoom on some computers

BCF Managers | 24-01-2019


  1. Edit multiple issues at once *)
  2. Add Navisworks meta data to issue descriptions and comments when importing in BIMcollab
  3. Auto assign team members when importing issues from Navisworks into BIMcollab. 
*)  Except for BCF Managers for Archicad


  1. Switching between issues in complex Revit models is significantly faster
  2. Faster connection with BIMcollab projects
  3. Several smal bugs fixed

Bug fix

  1. Build 297 Navisworks: fixes checkbox for not reopening closed issues when updating from clash detective

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