Power BI Connector BIMcollab Twin

Power BI Connector BIMcollab Twin

With our own Power BI connector, all data from BIMcollab Twin's building file can easily be read into Power BI. No technical knowledge is required to link Power BI and BIMcollab Twin. With this connector, BIMcollab Twin clients can easily develop their own reports and dashboards that provide insight into their BIMcollab Twin data. In the settings, they can decide themselves what data they would like to see visualized and in what way.

Install Power BI connector 

To use the BIMcollab Twin Power BI connector in Power BI Desktop, it will first need to be installed. You can download the latest version of our connector from one of the links below highlighted in blue.
To use the connector, the .mez file must be placed in the folder "...Microsoft Power BI Desktop Custom Connectors". If the folder does not exist, it can be created.

Live server

Versie 1.0, gepubliceerd op 2-7-2020

Demo server

Versie 1.0, gepubliceerd op 2-7-2020

Customise security settings

To use a custom connector, Power BI's security settings need to be adjusted. If you don't, you will get an error message and cannot use the connector. Adjust the security settings for data extensions as follows:
In Power BI Desktop, select File > Options and settings > Options > Security.

Under Data extensions, select (Not recommended) Allow an extension to be loaded without validation or warning. Select OK and then restart Power BI Desktop.

Using Power BI connector

If the Power BI connector is installed, it can be found in the list of connectors in the "Retrieve data" dialogue box. Press "Connect" to retrieve data from BIMcollab Twin.

Next, the connector will ask for your BIMcollab Twin login. Through the connector, you can only access the data you are authorised for within the BIMcollab Twin application. After logging in, you can select and load the various API endpoints. You are then free to compile your own reports. You also have the option of linking your own data sources such as Excel sheets to the BIMcollab Twin data.

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