Organize Smart views

Organize Smart views

All Smart views are placed in Smart view sets to make them easier to manage.
You can right-click on one of the two folders ('Local' or 'Shared') and choose 'Add smart view set'.

You can also use the '+' button to add a Smart view set or a Smart view:
  1. When one of the two folders ('Local' or 'Shared') is selected, the '+' button will allow you to create a new Smart view set
  2. When a Smart view set is selected, the '+' button will allow you to create a new Smart view
The Smart Views in the 'Local' folder are visible only to you, while those in 'Shared' are visible for all team members of the project you are logged in to BIMcollab Nexus.
Zoom license is required to share, import and export Smart views in BIMcollab Zoom.

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