New prices BIMcollab Cloud

New prices BIMcollab Cloud

As of May 1st 2022, the prices of our BIMcollab Cloud plans will change. 
Over the past years, we've developed our products at a high and steady rate. We are determined to maintain this pace, while still offering free support for all plans. This along with an increase of overall prices, including those of our suppliers, makes increasing our own end user prices inevitable.

What does this mean for you?

The new prices will be valid for additional users from May 1st, or later for existing users per the next renewal date.
  1. Starter plan: 8 EUR per user per month (was 6 EUR)
  2. Connected plan: 12 EUR per user per month (was 10 EUR)
  3. Enterprise plan : 14 EUR per user per month (was 12 EUR)
  4. Classic plan: As of April 1st your BIMcollab Cloud Classic plan will have a new name: Starter plan. This has no effect on features. You will only see a different name on invoices and in your dashboard. The price of your plan will also change in accordance with the Starter plan prices.
The prices above are based on a yearly payment. For a monthly payment, a slightly higher price applies.
Tip: Switch from a monthly to a yearly payment to save money.
For plans with a large number of users, a volume discount is applicable.
You can find a full overview of the prices for every plan, depending on the amount of users in your space on our website.
Consult the article  New prices BIMcollab ZOOM, for more information about the new prices for BIMcollab ZOOM licenses.

Note: The ratio of the price change might differ for other currencies, since we will also actualize conversion ratios.
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