Issue management tab on BIMcollab Nexus

Issue management tab on BIMcollab Nexus

The issue management tab in BIMcollab Nexus serves as a centralized hub for effectively handling challenges encountered during Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects. This section allows users to have an overview of discrepancies and communications within BIM models and track the resolution process. Through integrated collaboration tools, team members can assign tasks, attach relevant information, update and create issues. All the synced issues would be viewed here in one place. To view the issues along with your 3D models, you should instead go to the Model tab.

2. Import issues, BCF (*.bcfzip, *.bcf) or text file (*.csv)

3.Create reports from issues in different file formats. (PDF, Excel, CSV, BCF) 

4. Different view modes for issues

Show activities

Show graphs

Once in graph mode, a gear sign appears that allows for control on which graphs are visible in the page and consequently would be visible in the reports.

Show tile view

Show list view

5 & 6. Select all, one or multiple issues at once.
Once a few issues are selected, the top ribbon changes to reflect the tasks you can perform on these issues. Such as Follow, Deselect or Edit.

7. Try marking issues to show a specific selection of them. This feature allows you to mark issues as a ‘favorite’ and later quickly retrieve your list of marked issues. To do that select an issue and press any of them. These marks can also be created from the individual issue menu (11).

8. Default quick filter options.

9. Create your own filters and save them to be used later.

10. Control which columns are visible in your overview.

11. Clicking this menu icon reveals many other possible tasks that can be performed on one issue such as edit, clone, follow, resolve, close or mark an issue.

Lastly, clicking on any of the issues would take you to a single issue viewing mode and you can see all the information that belongs to that issue. You can go back to the issue overview by clicking on the issue tab again.

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