Integrate BIM 360 with a BIMcollab project

Integrate BIM 360 with a BIMcollab project

The BIMcollab BIM 360 integration allows users to view models from a BIM 360 folder, create new issues and evaluate existing ones directly from the BIMcollab Cloud web application.
The integration is available for users with a Connected or Enterprise plan. You can test the integration on your free or Starter account for a period of 4 weeks.
The integration will show all models in the BIM 360 folder as one combined model.
The viewer in BIMcollab Cloud is based on the internal BIM 360 modelviewer.
To enable this integration, follow the following steps.

1. Set up your BIM 360 Docs account

  1. Log into your BIM 360 account
  2. Go to the Account Admin page of your account
  3. Go to APPS
  4. Find the BIMcollab application in the list
  5. Add the application to your account
  6. Repeat the steps for every account necessary

On some occasions the tab APPS might not be available to you. In that case, please follow these instructions on the Autodesk website.

2. Set up your BIMcollab account

  1. Log into BIMcollab Cloud
  2. Select one of the projects of which you are a Project Leader
  3. Go to the Settings page of the project
  4. Click 'Integration'

  5. Select 'BIM 360 Docs' as your integration

  6. Click Sign in
  7. Complete the BIM 360 sign in process
  8. Click ALLOW
  9. Choose the appropriate account and project
When you do not see all of the accounts linked to the email address with which you are logged in, please check the following: 
  1. The BIMcollab app has been installed in all of the BIM 360 accounts.
  2. If you notice the app has been installed, but you cannot see the account in BIMcollab, the app might no longer be correctly installed, because of changes in the Autodesk API. 
    Follow these steps to reconnect the account:
    1. Log out from your BIM 360 account in BIMcollab Cloud
    2. Uninstall the BIMcollab app in your BIM 360 account
    3. Log out of your BIM 360 account
    4. Log in again to your BIM 360 account
    5. Re-install the BIMcollab app
    6. Log in to you account in BIMcollab Cloud
    7. Setup the integration again from your project
  1. Select one or more folders containing the models and add it to the selected folders
  1. Click OK
    The BIM 360 project is now integrated into the BIMcollab project.
    All models in the BIM360 folder will be shown as a combined model in the Model tab of your project in BIMcollab Cloud

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