How to speed up zoom to in issues

How to speed up zoom to in issues

When Quick zoom is enabled, only the camera position will be moved to the issue position when you double click on the issue. The GUIDs of components which are saved in the issue will not be looked up, and other display settings of the viewpoint like colors and annotations will not be taken into account. The currently visible geometry and the way they are displayed will not change.

This can be a way of faster navigation to issues when working with heavy projects or when a lot of components are linked to an issue.
When the size of the project does not slow down the navigation to issues, we suggest to keep this option off for best user experience.

You can enable and disable the Quick zoom option beneath the issues list.
  1. When Quick zoom is activated, the button will appear blue
  2. When Quick zoom is disabled, the button will appear grey
To know how to create the best viewpoints, consult the article Create the best viewpoints.

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