How to publish BIM data to Power BI

How to publish BIM data to Power BI

Get Dashboard Data results from BIMcollab Zoom in Power BI

With the Lists feature in BIMcollab Zoom, you have the option to choose the type Dashboard Data. This Dashboard Data is useable in Power BI.

BIMcollab Zoom

  1. Open BIMcollab Zoom with an active license and connect to the preferred space and project
  2. Go to the Lists panel
  3. Select a List set in 'Shared', or create a new List set
  4. Create a List of the type Dashboard Data.
    For more information on creating Lists, consult the article Setup Lists in BIMcollab Zoom.
  5. Double click on the List to show the results, and make sure the Active Model results are active
  6. Hit the 'Share results' button.
    The Dashboard Data is now synchronized to BIMcollab Nexus.
Dashboard Data cannot be viewed in BIMcollab Nexus. These results are meant to be used in Dashboard software like Power BI.
A List of the type Dashboard Data is only available in Premium and Ultimate plans.

Power BI (desktop)

For more information on the installation and use of the connection between BIMcollab and Power BI, consult the article Installation Guide for Power BI connector.
When the connector has been installed, you can follow these steps to setup a dashboard from the List data.
  1. Open Power BI (desktop)
  2. Click the 'Get data' button from the home screen

  3. Select BIMcollab from the list 'Online Services', or use the search bar to quickly fin the correct connection.
  4. Choose 'Connect'
  5. Enter the url of the space you want to connect to and press 'OK'.
  6. If this is the first time you are connecting to the space or have not remained logged in, Power BI will ask you to sign in. Press the Sign in button. You will be redirected go to the BIMcollab login screen
  7. Sign in with your credentials for the BIMcollab space
  8. Give Power BI permission to connect to BIMcollab by clicking 'Yes, allow' in the next screen
  9. After having logged in, you will be redirected to Power BI. Click 'Connect'
  10. In the Navigator, you will get an overview of the projects in the space to which you connected. Navigate to the correct project, select the List you want to load in Power BI and click 'Load'

  11. Go to the window 'Fields' and check the boxes of the fields you want to show in the dashboard
Only properties which have been added to the List in BIMcollab Zoom will be shown here
  1. Choose the preferred Visualizations and Filters
    For example: If you only want to view the data from one model, drag the 'Summary.Model' property into the filter view, and select the model for which you want to visualize the data.

Update the results

BIMcollab Zoom

When a model has been updated, added or removed in BIMcollab Zoom, the data on the Power BI dashboard can be updated according to the new situation.
  1. Update the models in BIMcollab Zoom
  2. Go to the Lists panel
  3. Right-click on the preferred dashboard data list and choose 'Run'.
  4. The data will be updated
  5. Hit the 'Share results' button
    The results will be synchronized to BIMcollab Nexus

Power BI (desktop)

  1. Go back to Power BI
  2. Open the associated dashboard and make sure you are connected to the correct BIMcollab space
  3. Press the 'Refresh' button on the home screen

    The updated data will be loaded.
In Power BI Pro, the updating can be set to happen automatically according to a schedule.
If the Lists don't show up in Power BI, make sure the following is correct:
  1. The latest version of the Power BI connector is installed. The Lists Feature isn't available in earlier versions of the connector.
  2. The type of List you synchronize from BIMcollab Zoom is Dashboard Data.

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