Finding and filtering similar components

Finding and filtering similar components

In BIMcollab Zoom you have the possibility to find or hide elements which are similar to the selected element.
  1. Select an element for which you want to show similar components in the 3D window or the model tree

  2. Go to the Properties panel, right-clicking on any property in the tab Summary, for example the material name.
  3. Select ‘Show similar’. The model will then be scanned for any element with identical values in that property field. These elements will be shown in the 3D view.

  4. If necessary, you can continue to filter on the current view, according to another property. Right-click on the property and choose 'Filter similar. The elements in the current view for which the property value is the same will be shown.

  5. To hide similar components, right-click on a property and choose 'Hide similar'. This function will also be applied to the currently visible elements.

There is also quick access to show or hide items that have the same type as the selected item. You can find the 'Show similar type' and 'Hide similar type' commands by right-clicking on the object of your choice in the 3D view or in the project tree.


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