Explore the example project in BIMcollab Zoom

Explore the example project in BIMcollab Zoom

The BIMcollab example project consists of nine IFC models. Each model belongs to a different discipline and has been exported from a variety of BIM applications demonstrating the versatility of an openBIM workflow.

The BIMcollab example project can be found in the following folders after installing BIMcollab Zoom:
  1. Windows: C:/Users/Public/Documents/BIMcollab Zoom/Sample
  2. Mac: Applications/BIMcollab Zoom/Sample
The example IFC and BCP files can also be downloaded here.

To open the example project, click on the Open file button, navigate to the folder and the language of your choice, and select BIMcollab Example Project.bcp .

Models with a yellow file icon have been loaded and can be seen in the 3D view.
Models with a grey file icon have not been loaded. Right mouse click on a model’s name in order to load, unload or remove it.

Once the models have been loaded, use BIMcollab Zoom to navigate through the model, with all the tools at your disposal.
These models can also be used to zoom to issues in the example project on join.bimcollab.com. To know how to connect to the correct project, consult the article Explore the example project.

Since BIMcollab Zoom version 7.5, users can download and review BIM WebViewer models directly within Zoom by connecting BIMcollab Zoom with the Nexus project. For detailed instructions on using this feature, please consult the article Checking WebViewer model in BIMcollab Zoom.
Icon change
In BIMcollab Zoom version 7.4 or later, the icons in the navigation tab for both the local file and shared project folders have been improved as follows:
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