End-of-life of older versions BCF Managers

End-of-life of older versions BCF Managers

Below you find a list of older versions of BCF managers and their end-of-life dates.
These versions no longer comply to our security demands. Versions 5.6 and newer are based on newer technology and offer better performance and higher security. We advise to keep your BCF manager up-to-date.

After this date you will not be able to activate the application anymore. Also, connecting to BIMcollab Nexus is not possible anymore after the end-of-life date.
Until a renewal of the activation is necessary, already activated installations can be used to open and edit BCF files.
Once your last activation has expired, you can no longer use these versions and installation of the latest BCF manager is necessary.

End-of-life for Connecting
BCF Managers 5.5 and older
October 1st, 2023

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