Edit Lists

Edit Lists

To be able to create and edit lists in BIMcollab ZOOM, two conditions need to be met:
  1. ZOOM license
    Lists are a ZOOM feature, not a ZOOM Free feature. You need to be logged in with a ZOOM license.
    Read this article how you purchase a ZOOM license and read here how to retrieve the license.
  1. ZOOM Editing rights
    ZOOM editing rights are necessary to create and edit lists in the 'Shared' node when you are connected to a project. They can be switched on by the project leader in the team member settings of the project. Consult the article ZOOM editing rights for more information on the editing rights.

    If you do not have ZOOM Editing rights, you can still create and edit Lists in the 'Local' node of the Lists panel
In the BIMcollab Example project on join.bimcollab.com, you can find some example Lists in the 'Shared' node. They are read-only' so you cannot edit them.

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