Release history Nexus, BCF Managers, Zoom

Release history Nexus, BCF Managers, Zoom

In this article you can find an overview of the new features and improvements of the BIMcollab Nexus, Zoom and the BCF Managers made in 2023 and 2024.

BCF manager | 23-05-2024

Revit and Navisworks
Build number 7.1.3


Bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed a crash that occurred in offline mode for the Revit family environment
  • Fixed a crash when synchronizing issues with invalid milestones


  • Ability to create issues and zoom to the correct viewpoints in Navisworks using all conversion methods of IFC import
  • Viewpoints for imported clashes now follow the Quick Comment settings for selected components and color overrides 


  • Fixed a crash when synchronizing issues with invalid milestones
  • Fixed a problem with zooming to an issue that has section planes
  • Fixed a problem where the Navisworks window goes behind other applications when closing the clash import dialog

BCF Managers | 13-05-2024

Build number 7.1.2

New compatibility versions

  1. BCF manager for Revit 2025
  2. BCF manager for Navisworks 2025
  3. BCF manager for Tekla 2024
  4. BCF manager for AutoCAD 2025

BIMcollab Nexus | 06-05-2024

New features

  1. The right to upload and update models in the BIMcollab WebViewer can be assigned to both Project leaders and Editors
  2. Project leaders now have the option to enable or disable the accessibility of BIMcollab WebViewer project models within BIMcollab Zoom

BIMcollab Zoom | 06-05-2024

Build number 8.0.9

New features

  1. Your BIMcollab WebViewer project models are now also available to you in BIMcollab Zoom. Learn More


  1. For IDS conflicts, the status color matches the component geometry

Bug fixes 

    1. Fixed an internal error when connecting to a project with certain models
    2. Fixed a bug that limited the ability to add a local clash rule set
    3. Several small bug fixes and improvements

    BIMcollab Nexus | 23-04-2024


    1. The Project leader can pre-select folders in the Autodesk Docs integration to filter the models for the rest of the team
    2. Models loaded in the Autodesk Docs modelviewer are automatically updated if a new version gets uploaded in Autodesk Docs

    Bug fixes

    1. Encoding of exported IDS files is now UTF-8
    2. Fixed a bug where other languages were not available for long existing users

    BIMcollab Nexus | 07-03-2024

    build number 7.4.9

    New features and improvements

    1. Extended IFC 4.3 support with ifcAlignment, ifcRoad, and ifcBuiltElement displayed in 3D and Navigation trees
    2. The icons for models in the navigation tree have been adjusted

    3. Improved Smart Issues for reported conflicts
      1. Zooming to Smart Issue comments now recreates the viewpoint (Windows only)
      2. User settings of the Update issues dialog are now stored
    4. Improved ifcProject information
      1. Attributes can now be validated with IDS specifications.
      2. Attributes moved to the Summary tab.
        Note: Existing Smart Views, Clash rules, Lists and Smart Properties are automatically adjusted.
    5. Part Of and Smart Properties tabs have been added to the property panel

    Bug fixes

    1. Fixed a problem with reading and writing of BCF files that contain comments with viewpoints but no text
    2. Fixed a bug for opening property URLs starting with 'https://'
    3. Addressed a Zoom license check that was clearing conflict results every 30 minutes (Windows only)
    4. Reset issue filter now consistently resets to all active and resolved issues
    5. Corrected version number error message for Smart Properties
    6. Fixed synchronization error between comments tab and issue tiles
          Hotfix 19-03-2024
    1. Fixed compatibility problems with very old versions of Smart Views, Lists and Smart Properties
    2. Fixed a crash when adding a comment to a Smart Issue
    3. Fixed a bug where zoom-to sometimes did not work for Smart Issues
    4. Fixed incorrect section box around clash result
    5. Resolved disappearing section planes when activating a Smart View

    BIMcollab Zoom | 29-01-2024

    Build number 7.3.6

    New features and improvements

    1. Update Smart Issues is now available for IDS conflicts
    2. All IDS related functionality is now available in the MacOS version of Zoom.

    Bug fixes 

      1. Fixed an error when obtaining a space-restricted license if the URL was not an exact match
      2. Fixed crash after removing local model from Project folder
      3. Fixed ifcProject description not appearing in Lists
      4. Fixed timezone bug (where timezone has a minus offset from UTC, e.g. UTC-2)
      5. Fixed quantities for certain files with a prefix in square or volume dimensions (like cm2 and cm3)
      6. Fixed the labelling of IfcTank as Electric Flow Storage Device instead of Tank
      7. Fixed a visual problem with the conflict results count after run/sync (MacOS)
      8. Fixed problem when editing a List set, the description was not visible in the editor window (MacOS)
      9. Fixed a crash when loading a file after running a conflict rule (MacOS)

      BCF Managers | 26-01-2024

      All platforms
      build number 7.0.5

      New features

      1. IDS palette in the Navisworks, AutoCAD, Tekla, Standalone and SDK BCFMs
      2. New BIMcollab visual identity in Archicad BCFM

      Improvements & bugfixes

      1. Fixed a bug where the Deadline field was handled incorrectly for timezones negative from UTC.
      2. Fixed a crash bug for Archicad 26 and earlier versions

      BIMcollab Zoom | 21-12-2023

      build number 7.2.17 Windows

      Bug fixes 

        1. Fixed a bug where the Comments section of the Issues panel did not update after Update Smart issues

        BIMcollab Nexus | 29-11-2023

        New features

        1. Introduction of the BIMcollab Model WebViewer. Share and explore BIM models of any size with unparalleled performance (will become available gradually over the next couple of weeks)
        2. Switch to BIMcollab Twin, BIMcollab's digital twin management platform


        1. Introduction of BIMcollab's new visual identity
        2. Renaming (BIMcollab Cloud to BIMcollab Nexus)

        Bug fixes

        1. Fixed a bug where custom properties were not correctly synchronized across applications
        2. Fixed a bug where the Autodesk Docs integration could not be set up
        3. Fixed a bug where the modification date of Lists is not updated correctly

        BIMcollab Zoom | 29-11-2023

        build number 7.2 Windows and 6.10 MacOS

        New features and improvements

        1. New visual identity
        2. IDS conflicts now saves the reported and ignored status of conflicts (windows only)
        3. IDS conflict checks are now case-insensitive (windows only)
        4. Restrictions for free versions are extended:
          1. Import/export of Smart views has been removed
          2. Read only rights for shared Smart views
          3. Read only rights for project folders

        Bug fixes 

          1. Resolved a problem when using Project folders with special characters
          2. Resolved a crash on property selection

          BCF Managers | 29-11-2023

          Revit, Tekla, Navisworks, AutoCad, Standalone
          build number 6.5.5

          New features

          1. Rebranding the BCF managers new product icon and logo.

          Improvements & bugfixes

          1. Repaired the AutoCAD BCF Manager uninstaller so it now deletes the language registry entry.
          2. Fixed a bug where changes done in IDS on Nexus were not getting synced in the IDS palette.
          3. Corrected an issue where the Revit 2021 BCF Manager installer was overriding the Revit 2020 version.
          4. Fixed the item order in the Add, Edit and Filter issues drop-downs to match Nexus.

          BCF Managers | 07-11-2023

          build number 6.4.4

          Bug fix

          1. Fixed a bug that caused Revit to crash after certain interactions e.g. editing of families

          BIMcollab Zoom | 26-10-2023

          build number 7.1.300 (Windows only)


          1. You can now check 'Part-of' specification from IDS
          2. Run on My view for IDS check
          3. Part Of information available in the property panel

          Bug fix

          1. Resolved a crash that could occur when importing Smart Views and Lists from the File menu
          build number 6.9.24 (MacOS)

          Bug fix

          1. Fixed a problem with displaying of subfolders in the shared project folder

          BIMcollab Cloud | 05-10-2023

          New features

          1. Set up Specifications based on the IDS standard and share them with the whole team
          2. Import IDS files to create Specifications
          3. Export IDS files to share Specifications with external parties

          BIMcollab Zoom | 28-09-2023

          build number 7.0.12 (Windows only)

          New feature

          Use IDS conflict detection to check your model against information specifications
          1. Connect to your Cloud project and retrieve BIM specifications (IDS)
          2. Detect missing or incorrect properties with a single click
          3. Report IDS results to issues as you are used to with clash detection

          BCF Managers | 28-09-2023

          build number 6.4.3

          New features

          1. IDS palette to display IDS specifications in the context of the Revit model, in a human readable format

          Improvements & bugfixes

          1. Fixed a Zoom-to issue about Quick-zoom not unhiding elements previously hidden by Full zoom

          BCF Managers | 30-08-2023

          Navisworks, Tekla, AutoCad, Archicad, Stand alone
          build number 6.3.8

          Improvements & bugfixes

          1. Fixed an issue about the assignee not updating on update issue (Navisworks)
          2. Corrected a view projection error (Tekla 2023)
          3. Fixed a connection issue (Archicad, Windows)

          BIMcollab Cloud | 17-08-2023

          Bug fixes

          1. Fixed an issue where the issue panel would not always load in the Trimble Connect model viewer
          2. Fixed an issue where a company could not be deleted

          BCF Managers | 16-08-2023

          build number 6.3.7

          New features & Improvements

          1. Support for Revit Shared Coordinates

          Bug fixes

          1. Corrected an error on the version selection page of the Revit bundle installer
          2. Fixed a SelectionUpdate event crash on Revit 2023 and 2024

          BIMcollab Zoom | 13-07-2023

          build number 6.8.26

          New features

          1. Nested objects are now added in the model tree

          Bug fixes & improvements

            1. Updated the prerequisites included in the installer
            2. Fixed an issue with converting sq ft to m2
            3. Fixed an issue where Smart Views were empty
            4. Fixed an issue where the timestamp property was unavailable in Lists
            5. Fixed an issue where some property values of IfcProject were wrong
            6. Fixed an issue where the component property panel was displayed only after selecting it twice

            BCF Managers | 26-05-2023

            Revit, Navisworks, Tekla, and AutoCAD
            build number 6.2.19

            New features

            1. New BCF manager for Revit, Navisworks and AutoCAD 2024
            2. New BCF Manager for Tekla 2023

            Improvements & bug fixes

            1. Fixed an issue with Revit Survey Point coordination (Revit 2023)
            2. Fixed an error with list sorting according to deadline (Autodesk 2024, Tekla 2023)
            3. Fixed an issue caused by mouse scrolling in issue comments (Autodesk 2024, Tekla 2023)
            4. Fixed an error concerning uninstallation (AutoCAD 2024)

            BIMcollab Zoom | 24-05-2023

            build number 6.7.16

            New features & improvements

            1. 'Run' will now only execute the selected clash rules or lists, instead of all
            2. Improved geometry rendering

            Bug fixes

            1. Fixed crash caused by mouse scrolling in issue comments
            2. Fixed a crash for some IFC file from Tekla

            BIMcollab Cloud | 13-05-2023

            New feature

            1. ZOOM shared resources (Smart views, Clash rules, Lists, Smart Properties) are now visible in Cloud


            1. Reload the issue list separately on the Model tab
            2. Added support for switching from Named to Floating licenses

            Bug fixes

            1. Fixed a bug where zoom-to in Model tab did not show the correct viewpoint after changing the default viewpoint
            2. Fixed a bug where it was not possible to disable the “Enforce use of templates” when last template was deleted

            BCF Managers | 04-05-2023

            Archicad only
            build number 6.1.17

            New features

            1. Saved filters: save and retrieve different property configurations for filtering issue
            2. Apple Silicon compatible BCF Manager for Archicad 26 (MacOS only)

            Improvements & bugfixes

            1. Fixed an issue where it was not possible to activate the BIMcollab ID because of a DLL mismatch
            2. Fixed an issue where viewpoints created in BCF manager Archicad were misplaced in other applications
            3. Fixed an issue where going offline did not clear the content from the middle panel
            4. Fixed an error concerning the Milestone not being disabled for offline issues
            5. Fixed an issue where it was not possible to add a snapshot to a new comment at first
            6. Fixed an issue where icons were missing from the BCF manager panel (MacOS only)

            BIMcollab Zoom | 25-04-2023

            build number 6.6.342

            New features & improvements

            1. Option to run Smart Views, Clashes or Lists on components in My view only


            1. Fixed some minor issues on activating measurement tool
            2. Fixed a crash on file open for specific cases

            BCF Managers | 06-04-2023

            Revit only
            build number 6.2.18


            1. Fixed a viewpoint cut plane coordination error between the Revit BCF Manager and other software

            BIMcollab Zoom | 03-04-2023

            build number 6.5.267

            New features & improvements

            1. Clashes can now be grouped on any property
            2. Revised the clash report naming for more flexibility
            3. Small change to Classification property naming (backwards compatible)
            4. Approval field added to issue filter options
            5. Relational operators for priority and deadline added to issues filter options


            1. Fixed an issue where application was crashing when sharing lists
            2. Fixed a crash when closing BIMcollab Zoom and a component is selected (MacOS only)
            3. Solved a bug where IFC Classifications were not shown in Summary (hotfix)

            BIMcollab Cloud | 30-03-2023

            New features & improvements

            1. Support for assigning ZOOM Named licenses (from April 1st)
            2. Several interface improvements to make the difference in issue status clearer in the issue list

            Bug fixes

            1. Fixed a bug where changes to Lists and shared results in BIMcollab Zoom were not shared (hotfix release 24-03-2023)
            2. Fixed a bug where visible components were hidden when zooming to an issue in the Trimble Connect integration
            3. Problem resolved where some special characters were not handled correctly in the issue search window

            BCF Managers | 09-03-2023

            Revit, Navisworks, Tekla Structures, AutoCAD, and Stand alone
            build number 6.2.16

            New features

            1. Approval field added to issue filter options
            2. Relational operators for priority and deadline added to issues filter options
            3. Option to choose the Project Base Point as coordinate base for Viewpoint creation (Revit only)
            4. MSI installer for AutoCAD

            Improvements & bugfixes

            1. The save filter subdialog is now translated in the localized versions
            2. Fixed an issue where the BCF manager could freeze if many closed issues are filtered out from the issue list view
            3. Fixed an issue where the sync-indicator did not change status in the issue panel on adding an issue to favourites
            4. Fixed an issue where the deadline filled in by a milestone did not appear in issue list view
            5. Fixed a Zoom-to coordination error related to BCF files exported from Prospect VR (Revit only)
            6. Fixed an issue where the header of the issue panel was too tall in dimension for certain scalings (Navisworks only)

            BIMcollab Zoom | 25-01-2023

            build number

            New Features

            1. Users can now share Smart Properties within their BIMcollab project
            2. It is now possible to override the default naming when reporting Smart Issues
            3. Support for IFC4 Classifications

            Improvements & bugfixes

            1. Fixed an issue where 'Long name' could not be used in Lists
            2. Fixed an issue where the 'Create new list' dialog could not be closed
            3. Fixed an issue where switching user was unavailable after a user was deleted from a project
            4. Fixed an issue with exporting Lists to excel
            5. Fixed a crash when a List was dragged and dropped
            6. Fixed an issue when browsing Material properties (MacOS only)

            BIMcollab Cloud | 18-01-2023

            Updated Trimble Connect viewer to most recent Trimble API

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