Document number

Document number

Within BIMcollab Twin, the document number is incredibly important. This is because the entire version management depends on corresponding document numbers. When uploading documents, it is checked whether the document number is already known within the corresponding project. If so, the new document is linked as a newer version of the same document.

For the clarity of the documents it is also advised to have a fixed way in which documents are numbered. You should be able to deduce the document's topic from the number itself. Unambiguous numbering of documents is therefore not only important for BIMcollab Twin but also for yourself, your project team and all users of the information who will work with it after you.


Should be used in a document number

The document number is therefore a combination of several properties of the document. Some important properties that can be part of the document number are, for example:
  1. Project Code
  2. Project Phase
  3. Discipline
  4. Company
  5. BIMcollab Twin Location
  6. Unique identifier number

Should not be used in a document number

In order to be able to stack versions of documents on BIMcollab Twin, properties that change per version should not be included in the document number, for example the status and version number.

Document Naming Convention

Project Administrators have an option to turn on Document Naming Conventions per project phase, and implement a scripted naming rule for all project phase documents. 
A document naming convention is a set of rules created by the admin, that describes which fields and in which order should a document name consist off. 
Document naming conventions are essential for organizing files in a structured and consistent manner, as the convention is automatically applied to any new document uploaded by any project user.

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