DeltaPi Project Manager

DeltaPi Project Manager

With the DeltaPi Project Manager, 3D BIM models can be uploaded from IFC or Revit to the BIMcollab Twin database. The application can be used as a Revit plugin for converting Revit files, but also as a stand-alone application for converting IFC files.

Install DeltaPi Project Manager

You can download a version of the DeltaPi Project Manager here. A license key is required to install. BIMcollab Twin accounts that include the 3D objects package are provided to at least one shared license. The account administrator has access to the license. With the installer below, the Project Manager can be installed on Windows PC.


Extra functionalities

The Project Manager helps you to efficiently access and manage data from your BIM model. It is a tool that graphically renders a 3D model and allows for a quick retrieval of data for items that are relevant for you. It is a powerful tool to check and correct the element properties with regards to both data and geometry.

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