Creating, moving and selecting section planes or box

Creating, moving and selecting section planes or box

Section planes are used to slice your model and create views from the inside of a model. Section boxes can be used to isolate small parts of the model.
Watch the video for an introduction in 1.5 minute or read the instruction on sectioning in BIMcollab Zoom below.


Section planes

To create a section plane click on the icon in the toolbar and select the surface to place the plane on.
To move a section plane, select it, hold down the left mouse button and drag the section plan along its axis. To more precisely move a section plane hold Ctrl/Cmd while dragging it to the correct position. The arrow keys can also be used to move a section plane.
Section planes movement or flipping is blocked when they are about to clip another section plane. To continue dragging a section plane (or to flip it), remove all other section planes that could block the first one.

Section Box

Another application of the section plane is the section box. A section box creates 6 section planes around a selection.
Create a section box via the menu Sectioning > Create section box
If you have a clash and want to provide context:
  1. View the clashing components
  2. Create a section box (Ctrl/Cmd + B)
  3. Show all (Alt + A)
  4. Enlarge or shrink the box, if needed (Ctrl/Cmd+scroll)

Sectioning hotkeys

Create section planeCtrl/Cmd + Alt + P
Create section boxCtrl/Cmd + B
Delete section plane (when selected)Win: Delete / Mac: Delete or Backspace
Select all section planes (when one is selected)Ctrl/Cmd + A
Delete all section planesCtrl/Cmd + Delete
Suspend Section planesCtrl/Cmd + P
Show / hide all section planesAlt + P
Show / hide section plane (when selected)Spacebar
Move sections plane closer / further
(when selected)
Left/Right/up/down Click + Left button drag,
Ctrl/Cmd + Scroll wheel
Rotate section plane around vertical axis
(when selected)
Click close to edge + Ctrl/Cmd + Left button drag

Rotate section plane around horizontal axis
(when selected)
Click close to edge + Ctrl/Cmd + Left button drag

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      By default, section planes are not considered as a surface from where a measurement can be started or ended. To be able to select edges or points on a section plane, hold CTRL /CMD  while placing your measurement.