Create a new template

Create a new template

As an administrator in a space you can create project templates in which all project properties, like issue settings and team members, are saved. New projects can be created based on a template, so all of these settings are already present.
‚ÄčOnce there is at least one template present in the space, it is possible to enforce the use of templates, so you can ensure all projects are based on the same properties.

  1. To create a template, click on the button 'New project' in the upper right corner of the 'My Projects' page

  2. Choose a name to identify the template. If needed, you can choose an existing template or project and copy all project properties as a basis
  3. If desires, choose a project to use as a starting point for the new template
  4. Click on 'Create as template'

  5. In the 'General' tab of the project settings, add information like the start- and end date and change settings if needed.
  6. Define other project properties in the following tabs on the Settings page.
  7. The created project can be used as a template by all project leaders for new projects.
The template is visible on the 'My projects' page for all users who are added as a project leader to the project. Other team members will only be able to choose the template when creating a new project, but will not see it on their 'My projects' page.

Only administrators can create templates. If you cannot see the 'Create as template' button, you do not have administrative rights in the space. Contact the space administrator to adjust your rights if necessary.

How to add BIM requirements to your template

Smart Views, Clash rules, Lists and IDS specification can be included in a template by using an active project:
  1. First create an active project with settings and BIM requirements of your company standards:
    1. Create a new project in your BIMcollab Nexus space
    2. Add all project leaders in the space as team members to the project
    3. Add all correct issue properties, like areas, milestones and labels, to the project
    4. Add the IDS specification
    5. In BIMcollab Zoom, put all company Smart Views, Clash rules and List definitions in the shared folder of the project and synchronize

  2. After this create a template based on a project
    1. In BIMcollab Nexus, create a new project
    2. Select the previously created project as 'Project template'
    3. Create as a template

Enforce the use of templates

When there are templates present in the space, the use of templates can be also enforced. So while creating a project the users can choose one of the templates, and the projects cannot be created without a template. When not enforced, users can create a blank project or can choose any template or project they are a part of to copy the settings from.

  1. Go to the Administration dashboard by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner

  2. On the Subscription tab, click 'Space settings'

  3. In the field 'Enforce the use of project templates', select 'Yes'

Administrators can always choose any project to copy the settings from, even when templates are enforced.

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