Create a new issue in BIMcollab Nexus

Create a new issue in BIMcollab Nexus

From the BIMcollab Nexus platform, you can create, review and close Issues with no need to have another extra software. Follow the next steps to create new issues directly from the BIMcollab Nexus platform (web browser).

Step 1: From your preferred web browser, login into your BIMcollab Nexus space.
-Use to login into the free BIMcollab space.
-Use the URL of a private space (i.e. to login into a private BIMcollab space.

Step 2: Select from 'My project' page the project you wish to work on.

Step 3: Go to the 'Issues' page using the top banner.

Step 4: Click on the 'New issue' button to open the creation issue panel.
Ensure to complete all the fields there with the necessary data to create a new issue. By default, all that is needed to create a new Issue is its title, but if you want to make the most of your Issue workflow, follow the next steps.

Step 5: Give a clear, explicit title for the problem, and provide comprehensive indications in the comments so that the problem can be quickly found using the search function.

Step 6: Assign the issue to the person who needs to deal with it.
When an issue is created, a notification is automatically sent to the team member to whom it has been assigned. They will also be notified whenever the issue is changed.

Step 7: Import or paste an image that illustrates the issue.

Step 8: As much as you can, fill out every field that is available, including type, zone, phase, and priority. They may be necessary if you want to later sort, classify, or filter issues more quickly.
From projects in Premium and Ultimate spaces, you can make use of Customs Fields.

Step 9: Click on 'Save' to create the new issue.

Project leaders from Premium and Ultimate spaces have the option to establish as mandatory one or more issue fields, ensuring that team members always enter or select a valid value when creating new issues. If any mandatory field is missing, a notification message will be shown when clicking on 'Save'.

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