Coordinate models with different origins

Coordinate models with different origins

BIMcollab ZOOM will automatically coordinate your models so that they are correctly aligned, by placing the IFC Global Origins of all files at the same location. In those rare cases where a model does not align correctly, you can make use of the Move and rotate feature.

For each IFC file which is added to a project you can define a relocation and rotation. To do this, right click the file in the model tree and chose 'Move and rotate'.

In the dialog you can see the original site location as it was saved in the IFC file, as well as the currently applied move.
You can:
  • Move the model along its X, Y and Z axis
  • Rotate the model around its center

The button 'Coordinate' moves the site location of the model to be on top of the site location of the first loaded model. This helps you to easily coordinate all models based on their site location.

The relocation is stored in the Project folder or project file, so next time you open the project the models will be coordinated.
Agree on requirements about model origins, site locations and survey points with your team.

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