Change my details

Change my details

Under My details (1), the user can manage their Personal details (2), Two Factor Authentication (3), Email Settings (4), or Sign up via external service (5).

Personal Details

All the user's personal information is visible here and can be modified by clicking the Edit (6) button.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (or Multi-factor authentication) increases the security of your BIMcollab space account by requiring two pieces of evidence to verify your identity. The BIMcollab Twin account can be linked to a Google or Microsoft authenticator application. After setting it up, a verification code must be entered at login in addition to the password. It is possible to memorize this code per computer for two weeks.

Email Settings

Users are notified by email about the report of activities assigned to them in a time period. Each team member can set their email notifications frequency preferences for different types of notifications.
Available options are :
  1. Never
  2. Straight away

Sign up via external service

Single sign-on is an authentication system which allows users to login to several softwares within a network with the same credentials. Single sign-on via external service can be selected by admins when they are adding a new user, under the Login Provider field. If the admin hasn't selected the log-in provider, each user can choose their own provider under My details. BIMcollab supports Single sign-on with Microsoft or Surf Connect.

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