BIMcollab ZOOM and Windows 11

BIMcollab ZOOM and Windows 11

BIMcollab ZOOM and Windows 11 | 14-04-2022

Versions and older of ZOOM are not yet fully compatible with Windows 11. You can find possible issues, as well as our recommendations below.

Windows file browser

We have received some reports where it is not possible to open or save files from BIMcollab ZOOM when working with Windows 11.
You might notice that the application is not able to interact with the Windows File Explorer, and opening or saving files will cause ZOOM to close.

This is caused by a library used in ZOOM’s code, which makes loading times in ZOOM faster. This library is not yet compatible with Windows 11.
We implemented a temporary fix for this, by disabling the responsible library when ZOOM crashes. If you experience issues with BIMcollab ZOOM in combination with Windows 11, please follow these steps:
  1. Download the most recent version from our website
  2. Open ZOOM and try to load an IFC file
  3. ZOOM will crash one more time
  4. During the crash, the library causing the issue will be disabled
  5. Open ZOOM again, and load the files.
    The file loading will take a bit longer, but after that the performance in not affected.

Editing snapshots

In versions and older of ZOOM, issue snapshots cannot be edited directly from BIMcollab ZOOM. When clicking on the pencil icon next to the snapshot in the Edit issue window, you might get the message 'Snapshot can’t be edited'. 

This has been resolved in version 5.3.29. Download the most recent version from our website.

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