BIMcollab Twin Accounts

BIMcollab Twin Accounts

Each account on BIMcollab Twin contains information from construction projects, stored in its own database, accessible to project participants. The accounts are accessible via their own web address, with their own subdomain: [account-URL] For each account, the account administrator can determine how the account is structured and who gets access.


When you are added to an account for the first time by an administrator, an invitation is sent to your email address. In the invitation you will find a link for creating an account.


Go to the account address in a web browser of your choice. Next, the login screen will load. You can login using your email address (1) and password (2). The sign in button (3) will then log you into the corresponding account.

Click on text forgotten your password (4) if you have forgotten your password. After entering your email address, an email with instructions on how to restore your account will be sent.

Login via external service

If the user has enabled Single sign-on, then users can login to a BIMcollab Twin space within a network with same credentials.
Single sign-on via external service can be selected by admins when they are adding a new user, under the Login Provider field. If the admin hasn't selected the log-in provider, each user can choose their own provider under My details>Log in via external 
BIMcollab supports Single sign-on with Microsoft or Surf Connect. When Single sign-on is enabled for the space you are part of, you will be asked to login using your Active Directory credentials.

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