Get started with BIMcollab

Get started with BIMcollab

Download all BIMcollab tools

BIMcollab Nexus operates seamlessly in a web-based environment, requiring no downloads. Complementing this, BIMcollab offers downloadable files for specialized tools such as BIMcollab Zoom for efficient model checking, BIMcollab BCF managers compatible with various modeling and checking tools, and a Power BI connector for enhanced analytics. These tools seamlessly integrate with BIMcollab Nexus, creating a unified platform for effective communication. Begin your journey by downloading the tools here and experience the power of collaborative BIM workflows.

Set-up BIMcollab Nexus

  1. The best way to get started with BIMcollab Nexus
  2. Quick Start Guide BIMcollab Nexus
  3. Explore the example project
  4. Set your language
  5. Create a new project

Start with BIMcollab Twin

  1. Get started with BIMcollab Twin as an Administrator 
  2. Set up your personal details
  3. Get familiar with the available Modules
  4. Review the space structure

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