Adding communication

Adding communication

A question, note or a task item can be created in two places in BIMcollab Twin.
1. General communication is created in the Communication module of the relevant project.
2. Item specific communication can also be added and attached to a specific document or element.

The way a communication item is added is mostly the same for all questions, note and tasks. However, depending on the type of the item, some input fields may or may not be present. For example, a note cannot have an end date because no workflow can be attached to a note.

1. General communication

General questions that are not about a specific document, area or element of the project can be added from from the overview list by clicking on the Add note, question or task button (1). The item then applies to the selected phase, project or location. However, this message is not linked to a specific element or document and is therefore only visible in the overview list.

2. Item specific communication

Notes, questions and tasks can be added to a single element or document. In that case, the communication can be under the details of the item in question, for example, in the 3D objects or Documents module. Under the Communication tab (1), a new communication item can be created using the Add note, question or task button (2). There, the 'Apply to' field is automatically filled, and once saved, the communication item is immediately visible for the element as well as in the overview list.

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