Add an additional viewpoint to an issue in Solibri

Add an additional viewpoint to an issue in Solibri

In Solibri it is possible to add multiple viewpoints to an issue. By default, only the main issue viewpoint is transferred to the issue in BIMcollab. To make sure all viewpoints are saved in BIMcollab, add a comment to each additional viewpoint in Solibri.
Follow these steps when adding a new viewpoint:
  1. Select the issue to which you want to add the viewpoint in the BCF Live Connector.
  2. Create the view you want to add in the 3D viewpoint.
  3. In the Live Issue details, click the  button to add the current 3D view as a viewpoint, or the  button to add an image from your computer.
  4. Add a comment to the issue in the Comments section. The comment is always related to the selected viewpoint. You will see which viewpoint the comment belongs to, in the righthand column. 

  5. Once the issue is synchronized, the viewpoint and comment will be added to the issue in BIMcollab.

Tip: Add new or additional components as selected to the viewpoint via the selection basket. Once you added the viewpoint, go to the Components tab, select elements in the 3D view, and click the 'Add components from the selection basket' button.

To have enough time to add components to a viewpoint, it is best to turn off the automatic synchronization of the BCF Connector. Once the viewpoint is synchronized to BIMcollab, you cannot add any additional components to it.

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