Add a user who was previously deleted from the space

Add a user who was previously deleted from the space

When a user is deleted from a private space, they no longer have access to the space and they are moved to the deleted users list.
When trying to add the user again as a new user, the space administrator will receive the notification  "This email address is already in use" , as the user with the same email address is already added to the  space, despite them not being visible in the list of users.

This warning is displayed to avoid unwanted double users, and to allow you to immediately restore the existing user.

To restore a deleted user, follow the steps below.
  1. Go to the Users page in the Administration space
  2. Click on the recycle bin icon in the top right corner  to show a list of deleted users
  3. Click on the menu icon in the last column of the users row 
  4. Select 'Restore'

After restoring the user, make sure the user is set as 'Active' in the current users list, so they are able to login to the space.

After a user has been restored, you can re-add them to the projects. To do this, select the user and activate the option "Show removed projects". Click on the menu icon in the last column, and choose "Re-add" to restore the user to the active team for the project.

If the administrator has not re-added the user to the project, this can also be done by the Project leader from the Settings page of the project, in the team members tab.
Activate the option "Show removed team members", and click on the Restore button .

When a user has been deleted permanently, they can not be restored, but has to be added to the space again as a new user.
To learn more about permanently deleting a user see  Delete a user.
Consult the article Add a new user to learn how to add a user to the space.

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